Tuesday, February 5, 2008

wouldja like to buy a (knitted) monkee?

well, you can't.
but if you're feeling a little bit lucky...and a little bit generous...
you just might WIN one.
this one:

you see, my lovely blogging friend monkee maker, who is as good and kind as she is hilarious and talented (which, trust me, is saying something!) is having a raffle to benefit the ellenor wiseman trust, in which said superb simian is one of the prizes. here's another:

yes, that IS a knitted muffin!

a knitted raspberry and white chocolate chip muffin, to be precise.

there are more, prizes, too! tickets are just a pound each (that's a british pound sterling...which right now is roughly equivalent to about $2 american; which you can send via paypal) with 100% of the proceeds going to the trust! monkee maker is donating the prizes and the postage to send them to winners anywhere in the world!

for complete details check out this post on monkee maker's blog! whilst you're there, you might like to look around a bit: there's adventure, excitement, sock monkees, knitted monkees, monkee socks, and even...

...yep, that's a monkee sock sock monkee*, all right!!!

so now my only question is: what are you still doing *HERE*??!

*he...or perhaps she?...is not a prize in this raffle...she's just one of my personal favorite monkee maker creations, pictured here an inducement for you to check out MM's blog!


  1. these items are sooo cute! good luck with the raffle!

  2. Aww, Lauren, thanks so much for the blog love and the seious linkage you've got going on there!

    And for your generous donation to the cause.

    And for being so horribly funny ..... especially in emails which I really shouldn't read at work ....

    And just generally for being you :)

    ps. If only I'd have known that you liked the MSSM so much I'd have sent it to you instead of that pesky SuzyB!

  3. Oh wow how gorgeous are these ,i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your pink monky he is so cute with hiw wobbbly eyes ,great work ,Dawnx

  4. those are SO cute...i LOVE that muffin!!!

  5. lovely work and I agree for a great cause Lauren:)xxx


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