Sunday, January 27, 2008

"MY INNER MARTHA" challenge!

or perhaps i should say "HER inner martha" challenge. elizabeth wickland's, that is. i don't really have an inner martha...or if i do, she's more of a martha reeves, probably...

martha and the vandellas, circa 1965 (what is a "vandella" anyway? a female vandal?? an exceptionally devoted fan of della reese? anybody know?)

...which is handy for beltin' out the motown classics, and not so much for the cardmakin'...but i digress...last week elizabeth posted this challenge on her excellent blog: to make a card using acetate and hot pink.

how ME is that??! ;)

so of course i had to play! turns out, i didn't have a big enough "heavy duty" transparency in a color that would allow me to make my whole card from it, so i decided to go with smaller bits of acryllic, and a few layers.

formal portrait of the card, circa 2008

here is the card in a "resting" position: the bling "friends" and some layered primas with little flower eyelets are attached to a hambly transparency frame. a 6x6" square of thin chipboard is covered with basic grey patterned paper on the front, with the sentiment "are relatives you make for yourself" in laundromat 1967 font, and a paper company flocked pattern on the back.

third layer of the card, in the big honkin'shadow of the first two layers (b/c i stupidly tied the card together before photographing it. duh.)

a 6x7" piece of chipboard is covered by crafty secrets patterned paper and "thanks" in american crafts and 3bugs letter stickers, and a scrapbook wizard pink plaid print (and my handwritten note) on the back.

detail of the acryllic butterfly, for no particular reason except i like butterflies...and pinkness...and heidi swapp ghost shapes

a few heidi swapp acryllic shapes have been layered onto crafty secrets scraps, edged with a black sharpie and decorated with making memories rub-ons.)

sprawling, multilayered, acryllic-n-pink-based card--mission accomplished!

here's the card relaxing after its first successful photoshoot. in the sprawlier position, so you can see the layers a bit better. i tied it together with some scraps of pink and white ribbon, and then wrote my message on the back.

and might like to go and see elizabeth's awesome cards...and might like to make one of your own!


  1. AWESOME card Lauren!
    LOVE IT!

  2. Whatever Martha you're channeling ... this baby rocks .. I love your layered idea and all that bling.

  3. wonderful card, love the color scheme:)

    i have no earthly idea what a vandella is???

  4. Send a little Martha my way, huh? This is fantastic! Love all the layers.

  5. Wow, just found your the name. This card is amazing...I'll be back for more inspiration.

  6. well first - martha i believe likes some martha (reeves) and you know you can sing whist makin cards(but it might be hard to make cards and dance in the streets but i digress)
    i really love this card - i especially like that its not a traditional folded card probably the most. and i may need to make something a little untraditional myself today.

  7. So creative ... I'm full of admiration. x

  8. Wow this is just so beautiful:)x

  9. Love that card! I might have to lift it.

  10. Ooo gorgeous & original ! very inspiring !

    I do have a card challenge going on now - use black/white/pink on a card if you're up to it ! lol

    xo, Pearl


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