Wednesday, January 23, 2008

vicky victorian

one of the many things i *LOVE* about cardmaking is the opportunity to try out lots and lots of different styles and themes. for example, i have an aunt who loves all things victorian, so every now and then i have a go at something a bit elegant, a bit flowery, a bit traditional. here is my latest shot:

(patterned paper: k&co, making memories, (roses=unknown); cardstock: bazzill; Victorian lady cut from an old book; butterfly & flower stickers: k&co; other: really, really strong foam tape; colorbox inks) (ps: the gold textured frame DOES go all the way around, it just scanned a bit funny on the left hand side and looks a bit ivory. but it's gold. honest!)

i am almost entirely pleased with this. ideally, i‘d‘ve liked the butterflies to be a bit more centralized, but unfortunately i stuck the bottom-most one on first…thinking i could move him up if need be (he's only on foam tape, which is usually quite forgiving until you REALLY press it down). however, it turns out, that this particular piece of foam tape is of a diehard, “hell no, we won’t go,” over-achievement-y stock, b/c immediately upon being set down he was ON THERE. permanently, and for all time. mountains may crumble, continents may shift, giant boulders may be inexorably ground down by the sea, but that butterfly is going to be attached to that piece of patterned paper, in that exact spot, for all eternity! (can I get an amen??!) i decided the butterflies could stand to be a bit more loosey-goosey, afterall! :)


  1. Oooh it`s soo delightful& I must agree I hate it when like you I stick something down 7 then decide I want to move it...Why is it when we do that it never budges!!!!Yet when we want the darn thing to stick in one position will it stay????

  2. LOVE it Lauren! it's beautiful, I love lots of different styles too.
    Those butterflies are so pretty and I love the images that you get from books!
    and Yes! Thank you! That song IS going round my head! Bluuuuuue mooooooon! xx

  3. Amen, sister!

    But truthfully, your card is perfect!

  4. Your card is beautiful Lauren!

  5. Amen!! Love the butterflies, no matter where they landed.

  6. Amen sister Lauren, Amen ... sometimes the mojo just goes where the mojo wants to go ... love it and love that you made it especially for your aunt.

  7. now see i love the butterflies - if you hadn't said it i would've thought the placement was exactly intentional - they look as if they are fluttering through and away - i love them - very natural :-)
    as all butterflies should be :-)

  8. Lauren, your card is just gorgeous...i LOVE the placement of the butterflies, they look perfect...great colors and a lovely image of the victorian lady...


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