Sunday, January 6, 2008


...i went on a little road trip which combined two of my favorite things!

ok, unfortunately not those two favorite things!

no, this time i refer to two of my *other* favorite things, namely art supplies and rummage sales. yes, indeedy, it was the day of my no-longer-as-local-as-previously scrapbook store's "yard sale" in which a bunch of customers show up with their unwanted supplies and bunch of other customers (like me) show up with their unwanted money, and everyone goes home happy. this case...ME!

i got chipboard and stamps and chipboard and rub-ons and chipboard and sequins and chipboard and stickers and chipboard and alphabets. oh yeah and i got some chipboard! ;)

yes, it was a good, goooooood day!

ps to andrea whom i re-met at the sale: welcome! it was nice to see you again!


  1. oh my
    and its a shame you only got a little chipboard.... ;-)

  2. I wish I could blow up that photo to see the details on some of those stamps ... they look very fun ... can't wait to see what you create. It was the annual sale at Reminisce here, so I had an opportunity to enrich the economy as well :^)

  3. Like the concept of exchanging unwanted supplies for unwanted money lol. You got some very nice bits and pieces there :D And some chipboard lol.


  4. Chipboard, sequins, stamps, rub ons, stickers, alphabets, and more chipboard! Mmmmmmmm! you lucky lady, it all looks fab!

  5. Too bad they didn't have any chipboard......LEFT after you were done shopping! ;^) Ha ha.

    That's some serious haul. Can't wait to see what you turn it all into!

  6. .... drool .... Daniel Craig .... chocolate cake .... 007 .... icing .... yyyyuuuuummmmmm .....

    ..... what on earth are your other commenters talking about?? I can only see that pout .... and that cake ....


  7. Lucky! Looks like you picked up some great stuff!

  8. Fabulous haul! I so love the idea of a scrapbook yard sale...

    and chocolate AND Bond?? If only I could have them together ;) yum-my!


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