Monday, January 21, 2008

"bluuuuue MOOOOOOOOOOOON..."

"…you saw me standin’ alonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!”

sorry. i fear that’s another one of those songs that just gets permanently affixed in the cranium. (it’s been that kind of week) …BUT…at least this time i have a good excuse: “blue moon” is the name of the new caardvarks challenge which started today! this one is slightly different, in that you have a choice of interpretations: your card can feature shades of blue OR have a celestial theme, it‘s up to you! as i’m sure you'll realize, this allows for many, MANY ways to go, and the DT have explored *lots* of ‘em!!! (the gallery, to which your card will be added should you choose to accept this particular mission, is here.)

we’re sponsored this time by heart in hand scraps, who offer online classes for a variety of papercrafting projects, as well as forums, galleries and inspiration dedicated to those. they 'll be providing a dvd of one of their most popular classes and supplies to complete the project--quite a lovely prize for the winner of the challenge. (read more about it here!)

i made two cards this time...and yet i cannot say i am entirely thrilled with either one. there’s nothing really *wrong* with them, as such; it's just one of those times when the picture in my head and the completed item just could not be made to overlap. which is ok. to use a baseball analogy*, "you can’t hit the ball out of the park, every time!"

but anyway, here they are:

(patterned paper & cardstock: frances meyer, dcwv, design originals, provo craft; font: susie’s hand; brads: making memories; gems: jewelcraft; other: inkjet transparency, foam tape, colorbox inks; all my memories bird and heidi swapp hearts & stars used as templates)

(ranger glossy black cardstock; “earth from the moon” photo & gnomes illustration from vintage books; wooden cupcake:unknown; rub-on lettters: autumn leaves & rusty pickle)

*i’m not entirely sure why i would use a baseball analogy, actually, since: a) i’m the least sporty person whose ever been born; and b) it’s the middle of winter; and c) we're talking about greeting cards!’s a bit of a puzzle… :)


  1. No, see, Miss Lauren, I disagree. I adore the two blue birds card! It is sweet and pretty and I REALLY liked it as soon as I saw it at ths 'Varks (Caardvarks is on my list of favorites right above you...after all that is how I found YOU!) And the alien card has that creative Lauren feel to it that I love :)

  2. Only you could make such opposite types of cards and still make them look great! I especially love the one with the birds. And your singing! ;^) xo

  3. Wow they are so gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Love your art-work.

  4. I have been singing blue moooon all week too!!

    Can I tell you how much I love the gnomies?

  5. Ooooh! another Caardvarks challenge! I'm up for that! Your DT cards are fab!
    The birds are beautiful, I love their heart wings, but I think that the second one is my favourite, It's sooo "Lauren" and very fun, with those little gnomes, and of course I love it because it features a cupcake! Mmmmmm!!!

  6. Oh my!!! I disagree as well!!!! I love them both!!! They are both so unique that I don't know that I can pick a favorite! Love them!!

  7. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren... *shakes head*. I thought we'd come to an agreement about what a Very Bad Idea it was to get catchy tunes stuck in our heads. Hmmm?

    "..... Bluuuue mooooooon...... la la la la la, la la....."

    *VC shakes fist angrily in the direction of Lauren's blog*

    PS Your cards are good though, which does help make up for it :o)

  8. Luckily I'm WAY too young to have a clue as to which song you're referring to ;) but I just wanted to say that any card that features mooning gnomes and cupcakes is fine by me.

    .... sorry, just noticed my typo there .... make that mooning cupcakes and gnomes ....


  9. So Im not alone in being barking mad, Lauren!! I've been warbling that song all day much to the annoyance of my colleagues..ha ha serve them right.

    Gorgeous card.

  10. Oooh, lovely cards - especially the blue one.

    Oh, and I'm with MM - a mooning gnome would be lovely :-D x

  11. I hopped over to your blog from Jolene's. LOVE your cards for the celestial/moon theme. Very cool!

  12. good song :-)
    great cards!
    funny but i rarely make what i set out to so i dont find it unusual at all to have that happen - but i do know that often my perception is quite different from others - these are great - lol... i cracked up when i saw the little gnomes! and the birdies - well i just love that one - all the pretty colors and the song going around makes a lovely border - nice font choice sweetie

  13. Wow 2 great cards ,the bird one is my fav ,Dawnx

  14. Your cards are beautiful Lauren..the card with the birds is my favorite! I love it!

  15. I like them both! It's not everyday that you see gnomes on a card! The birds are great!


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