Monday, January 28, 2008

operation 04: FREEZE THE DAY!

and now it's time for this week's PAPER ADVENTURE, hooray! our assignment was to freeze the day:

"Pick a day. It could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next week. Make a list of what you do on this day. RECORD it. So next year, next month or next decade, you will be able to look back and REMEMBER what a day was TODAY was like in your life."

ok, so i started my page by doing this in a normal way. i chose a random day and wrote down everything i did......and it was so dull i fell asleep typin'. don't get me wrong: I LOVE MY LIFE! but so far no hollywood studio has offered me a multi-million-dollar option for the rights to my average day, because "run lola run" it ain't. so i focused in on the idea of a list; and then i thought, well really, you just need the VERBSto get a sense of what's being done. et voila! much better...and much shorter...and of course THAT means:

lots more room for embellishments!

which to me is always a sign i'm on the right track! as soon as i started in this direction things fell right into place. i love it when that happens.

(unknown glossy silver cardstock & looseleaf notebook paper; heidi swapp ghost letters & arrow; prima flower (stamped with cherry pie leopard print); lil davis rub-ons; making memories & marah johnson brads; "old typewriter" font; plus: dymo labels, plaid acryllic paint, colorbox ink, staples, misc. paper ephemera)

(btw, the list actually IS readable under there, with a bit of effort and it says: "waking; grumbling, caffeinating, emailing, blogging, caardvarking, updating, uploading, reading, commenting, smiling, marveling, dressing, grooming, eating, driving, mailing, banking, arriving, cleaning, tidying, opening, trouble-shooting, trouble-finding, trouble-fixing, trouble-preventing, talking, listening, laughing, organizing, calling, answering, explaining, printing, alphabetizing, filing, labeling, invetorying, cataloging, shelving, renting, selling, counting, balancing, snacking, exercising, showering, washing, drying, sorting, folding, thinking, writing, sketching, journaling, watching, kissing, cuddling, snuggling, reading, drowsing, sleeping, dreaming" )

i cannot tell you how much fun i am having with this! i mean, i truly LOVE making cards, but being able to make something however you want, as weird as you want, that maybe only you will "get" or like or's heady stuff, i tell ya! i can't wait for week 5 now, i'm onna roll, baby!!! :)

PS: you can see the other 69 paper adventurers' take on this challenge...and the three previous the flickr group . these folks are making AMAZING stuff...if you've got a few minutes, it is definitely worth a look!


  1. Wohaaaaaa Lauren, this is awesome, love your take!! Understand about the very very exciting list.... got the same thing going on here:-)
    Love the ghostletters, arrow, ticket and whatever else!!!
    Can't wait till tomorrow either!

  2. WOW girl this is Awesome!!!
    I could list what I like, but Love it all says it better :)

  3. What a great idea, what a great take on this project. Very artsy-fartsy. Love it. I'm afraid if I listed today as my freeze day..I too would drift off to sleep - or perhaps take a match to my project and burn it. :{ Oh well, maybe I'll start my list and see where it leads me. I'd love to list you in my favorites on my blog...if that's okay.

  4. This is SOOO different from anything else I've seen! I'm glad you stepped outside the box because this is fun!

    And i love those letters. Are they acrylic?

  5. I love your take on this. love the clear letters and just a listing of adjectives. cool.

  6. That's so lovely, Lauren - and you can definitiely tell that you're having lots of fun doing these :o)

  7. wow this looks so cool love the little bird

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Lauren! LOVE the funky arrow, and the cute bird!


  10. Another fabulous creation ... I love joining you on this journey ... this piece has so much wonderful texture that I just want to reach out and touch it.

  11. LOOVe this!
    hehe your so funny!
    Well your blog seems interesting i lvoe reading it! Maybe you could become a comedian?? hehe then you would have lots of interesting to write on there. Mine would only consist of eating, scraping, computerising and sleeping. :P

  12. Awesome!! I LOVE the clear embellishments! I make a lot with transparencies. Letters are fun too! Love your arrow!~

  13. This is really gorgeous - love the ghost lettering - great effect. :)

    Debbie x

  14. That's a fabulous idea - totally original. I love it. x

  15. Stalked and Found!!! I'm your #1 FAN!!!

    Lauren, could you be a little less hysterical?! My neighbors are pounding on the walls annoyed by the hysterical laughter! (Sheesh, some people need to relax!) Are you taking RockStar intravenously?!

    Thanks for all the awesome and flattering comments on my PA 08 stuff! I'm enjoying your work and your energy immensely!

    Oh, and I LOOOVVVVEE the gnome card !

    Do you mind if I link to you???

    Come by for a visit!

    -phinner (aka Linda)

  16. gorgeous! Love everything about it!


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