Thursday, January 17, 2008

randomness, thy name is lauren

there are still 36 hours left in the CAARDVARKS CardMap challenge. the deadline is midnight tomorrow (1-18-08). even if you're not making a card, the gallery... (all three photobucket pages of it!) well worth a look!

i neglected to mention that the new SCRAPDRAGONS challenge started on the 15th and runs through january 30th. it's called fashion faux pas?! and to enter you need to make a layout which interpreting the phrase in any way you'd like to: maybe a photo of yourself with dodgy 80's hair...or your kids wearing one of their early and less successful, "i dressed myself...can you tell??!" combinations...or HEY! where'd that one-legged parrot in the pink sweater get to??! :) i used my "certain souvenir" layout again...well, i don't make that many non-cards...and hey, it's me in fairy wings!

nicola has posted a second (& equally fabulous) sketch challenge at my paper world. you can see some of her lovely cards and find links to more by surfin' on over. btw, if you're a cardmaker and you don't read MPW you are *totally* missing out on some absolutely beautiful work...AND...she posts a new card EVERY SINGLE DAY! (how does she do that??!) i have thought up my i just have to sit down and MAKE it!

something else i have *thought up*...but not yet my page for paper adventure operation 03: what's next? i think it's a pretty good idea...but i won't know for sure until i do the work!

and finally, for the readers of the vicious chicken who've been suffering during the last few days from nellie-itis*, THE GOOD NEWS: i have found the cure! THE BAD NEWS: it's the theme from postman pat !!! :) (ps: VC, lovely husband jeff would like a word with you...**)

*a severe condition caused by having the unshakeable theme song from the 1980's british children's cartoon program "nellie the elephant" irremovably stuck in one's head. (i've put the link in, but truly, you should only click it if you actively *WANT* the unshakeable theme song from the 1980's british children's cartoon program "nellie the elephant" irremovably stuck in your head. seriously. the same goes for the "postman pat" song, actually. consider yourself warned.)

**make that unshakeable and highly contagious!


  1. Now look, you're only making it worse, you know: every time you mention Nellie, she comes bounding back into my head again (which is kinda painful, considering she's an elephant), and then I'll have to mention her another time, which will get her into someone else's head, and the whole cyle begins again. WE MAY NEVER BE FREE!!!

    PS: Postman Pat, eh? I might just be desperate enough to give him a try. (I might.) :o)

  2. Awwwwww! Thanks for the kind words Lauren!
    I just popped over to thank you again, for reminding me to use my dingbats! I have just posted a "Dingbat" card on my blog.
    I just checked out the Caardvarks site too, there are so many gorgeous cards! you've got me hooked now, and I'm looking forward to joining in with the next one! xx

  3. Oooh, I'm singing along to Postman Pat now - and we used to have that episode 'Pat's Birthday' on video when my smalls were smaller than they are now.

    Take care. x


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