Saturday, January 19, 2008

my paper world, sketch #2

and it's a good one!

uh-huh. told ya!

and's the card i made:

(scraps of patterned paper: dcwv, basic grey; chipboard brackets: basic grey; leftover cardstock & cardstock sticker: bazzill; rub-on letters: making memories; ink: colorbox; other: marvy circle punches, foam tape)

my circle isn't in the middle of the card because i wanted the cupcake accent to be inside the card, but visible through a punched hole... (i'm not sure that's totally apparent in the scan, so you'll just have to trust me; it IS inside the card!) ...however, it turned out the circle punch didn't reach very far from the edge. but i kind of like the off-centery-ness, so i played very slightly with the rest of the proportions to make it work.

btw, here is a little tip for you with regard to jumbo punches: if you are punching half circles using the two-man-punch method (whereby one of you holds the paper in position, whilst the lovely husbandy one operates the punch) the one of you holding the paper should be sure that your pinkie fingers (and all other small body parts) are not...i repeat, a position to be pinched by the handle. because if they are in a position to be pinched by the handle, it will hurt.

***a lot***

(if you live in central new jersey and heard a loud "YEEEEEEEEEOUCH" around 8pm, i apologize, that was me. yes i *do* know quite a colorful array of curse words. sorry about that.)

to see cards by our sketch-maker nicola (in which nobody's pinkie fingers were injured) and find links to even more lovely versions, visit my paper world, post-haste*!

*she's not going anywhere, but they ARE really nice so surely you'd like to see them as soon as possible?! yeah, i thought so! :)


  1. This post should definately come with a "please remove your good clothes, before rolling around on the floor with laughter" WARNING!
    Ok,Ok, so maybe getting your pinkie pinched is not so funny, but the way you tell it sure is!!!
    Thanks for going to so much trouble to make your fab card-even getting your hubby involved! ( I do that ALL the time-except I havent got a Hubby, but I have got a RGF (Yep, rather gorgeous fiance!)
    and there you go inspiring me again! Making your own apertures eh?!!! Perfect for this sketch, Now why didn't I think of that!!
    I love the papers that you have used, and Of course I love cupcakes! ( I love ANY kind of cake!)
    Thanks so much for doing my sketch, I LOVE your card!
    p.s hope your pinkie is better! xx

  2. Ouchie, girl! Please be careful, we expect serious art from those fingers! ;^) Love the card. I'll have to try the punch near the side - I use my Coluzzle template to cut circles near the center of projects.

  3. Cool card, love how you placed the cupcake inside the punched hole (your poor fingers, though...), and the paper - one of my favourite BG papers!

  4. WOOOWWW i LOVE you card!
    Your so creative! i LOOVEE how it opens up and the cupcake is IN the card!! hehe
    Your a funny one :) i LOVE reading your blog :)
    Thanks for SUCH the nice comments you made on my blog!!

  5. hi there, you did a fab job of nicola's sketch, i really love it, thanks for your lovely comment :)

  6. Beautiful card - I love the colors and the cute cupcake!

    and I love nicola's sketch!

  7. Yes, Lauren, I heard you all the way in northern VA, but I needed to get up anyway :)

    I love the circle punched and cupcake on the inside, though I am sorry your pinky had to suffer unbearable sure looks like the end result was worth it to me (but then again, I'm not the one in pain!)

    I'm back from Florida to find 3 inches of snow on the ground and a high of 25 today...we had a great time and now I am scrolling thorugh all the blog enries I missed in the past 2 weeks:)

  8. ouch sounds painful for your poor pinkie.....but it's a fantastic card.
    Lisa xx


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