Friday, January 18, 2008

operation 03: WHAT'S NEXT?

hooray! it's week three of paper adventure, and not only am i officially caught up...i'm even getting my page in MORE than 24 hours before the deadline. go, me! :)

this week's prompt was, "WHAT'S NEXT?" i went at this one slightly tangentially. (quel surprise!) when i was thinking about the topic, i realized that i occasionally get so focused on what needs to be done that i'm missing out on what's actually happening "in the moment" so to speak! so i think that's something i'll be working on in future.

in the meantime, here is my page. i was actualy looking for something else when i found this little pic of xena, warrior princess in my magazine pictures file, but as soon as i saw it i knew it was exactly right for this!

text reads: "like many working women,
xena often felt she was fighting the clock!"

text reads: "i always know 'what's next' thanks to the 9,000,000 lists i have going at all times: lists of chores to be done, birthdays to be remembered, groceries to be bought, phone calls to be returned, deadlines to be met, emails to be answered, books to be sometimes seems never-ending! it's good to be organized and accomplish as much as i can...BUT...i have to remind myself
not to miss WHAT'S *NOW*!!!"


  1. Wow, this is so cool!! Love your page with the Xena picture on it, and the letters.. I love those, in the swirly form.... how on earth do you do that??

  2. oh i LOVE dh used to like that show and i just don't understand why, so not his thing...oh yeah...maybe it was the UU...well i think you get the drift...

  3. So cool Lauren! I love your xena page!
    Have a great weekend xx

  4. Thanks SO much for the email!!
    SO helpful!
    WOW this is AWESOME! You have SUCH neat writing and the colours are awesome!!
    Your going on my fav blog list :)

  5. Amen, girl! Live that moment, don't let it slip away. This is fantastic. Great idea to have a photo file.

  6. fab-o-licious ... so how do you decide what goes in a magazine photo file? I love this and honestly can say I never would have thought to save a picture of Xena, but I am lovin' this.

  7. Love love love it! Your journaling in the wavy paper lines looks awesome!

  8. Terrific page. I have lists galore too!

  9. OMG! This seriously rocks my frickin socks!

  10. Here's to all the Warrior women we know!! Love it :)


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