Tuesday, January 8, 2008

operation 01: BALANCE

so last night i made my first page for my PAPER ADVENTURE book, and by popular demand (ok 3 very friendly & encouraging fellow paper adventurers who left comments!) i've decided to post these as i go along. this is actually from last tuesday's assignment (i didn't find out about the project until the end of last week, so i am still catching up!) the prompt was to make a page about BALANCE and what it means to me. well, that's easy: i am probably the least balanced person ever... (lol!) ...so that's what i wrote about.

(alphas: all my memories, 3 bugs, making memories, scrapbook wizard, wild asparagus; stickers: ki, daisy d's, cloud 9 design; rubs: hambly, making memories

i intended to have the "artsy part" and the "wordsy part" be next to each other, but when i finished my little word sculpture i realized that it sort of illustrated the point better to have it only take up half the page and be a bit crookedy. (gotta love a great visual metaphor when it smacks you in the face, right?!) so i cut out around it (in retrospect i wish i had TORN around it; ah well...) and journaled on the back.

text reads: HA! not a concept with which i am overly familiar! physically, i am klutzy & uncoordinated; mentally, i am either obsessed or uninterested; emotionally, i have more swings than a playground! luckily i have another 40 years or so to get the hang of it!

the second assignment was posted this morning and can be read about here.


  1. This is gorgeous .... and I think it looks better cut rather than torn .... but then again, I am a neat freak .... bah ha ha ha ha ha ha - sorry, just thinking about the state of my house after I wrote that.

    Love love LOVE your handwriting!


  2. i like it cut too :-) go fig... and i love your word sculpture :-) alot. thats the perfect word for it too..

  3. That bomb speaks VOLUMES, my dear. Love the butterfly wings, too!

  4. Your work looks great! Love it!
    Already looking forward to next weeks!!


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