Thursday, January 24, 2008

absolutely shameless self-promotion

see this magazine?

I'M IN IT!!!

yepper, somerset studio's artful blogging, spring 2008 (on sale feb 1st) has a fantastic article about last september's bloglandia ball event, devised and hosted by elizabeth bunsen of, and one of the "ballgowns" included in the article is mine!

i got an email last fall, requesting my gown. they asked for a high resolution photograph, my blog's URL, and my thoughts about the ball. of course i was *thrilled* to send all of the above. they said if they used my artwork i would receive a copy of the magazine when it came out. i was very excited, but didn't put too much time into thinking about whether i would really wind up *in* the magazine. as far as i was concerned it was enough to be asked!

in the course of emailing the managing editor, staci dumoski, with my stuff, she also mentioned a feature they were planning about blog headers. did i have a high-res copy cf mine? would i send it to her? could they use it? yes, yes, and YES--no problem! of course, i assume that publications routinely ask for more samples than they need in order to have choices when it comes to putting their magazine together, and not everything requested gets published. i sent in my stuff, walked around with a big giant head for about a week...and made myself forget all about it.

and then yesterday a copy of artful blogging arrived in my mailbox:

they used my ballgown!
they used a quote!
they used my header!!!


aside from the thrill of being IN it...maybe the best part is:

this is a REALLY cool magazine!

it seems like there is something magnificently beautiful and completely original on every single page! photos, illustrations, paintings, collages, scrapbook pages, quilts, jewelry...not to mention the writing! i want to read the whole thing...and then find every blog mentioned!
so i think i will sign off now and do just that!
ciao from the world's newest and most excited

artful blogger!!!


  1. you're moving up to the big times girl! Highly deserved!


  2. Lauren, that is AWESOME! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Damn and blast it! Now I wish I'd asked for your autograph BEFORE you got famous!!

    Super smashing marvellous EXCELLENT news, Lauren, and an accolade well deserved.


    ps. Maybe I ought to ask for the autograph anyway .... just in case you appear on the front cover of Vanity Fair (Fare/Fayre? Can you tell I subscribe??) any time soon ...

  4. How exciting!! That's really cool news Lauren, and well deserved too!
    Are you carrying that copy around with you everywhere you go?!! LOL! ( I would be! )
    Nicola xx

  5. now isnt that lovely!
    they couldn't have picked a more worthy blogger my dear. i'm gonna have to look for this :-)

  6. Woohoo ... yahooo ... what word communicates the thrill I have for you ... fab-u-lous.

  7. oh, you GO girl!!! that is wonderful Lauren, congratulations:)

    WOO!! WOW my dream magazine! I wuna buy t! Theres like EVERYTHING in there!! WOO!

  9. Wow! Congratulations! I can imagine your excitement and I am envious!;-) Seriously, I am really happy for you Lauren!

  10. WAHOO!!! I'm doing a happy "Go Lauren, Go Lauren" dance in my chair. I'm so excited for you. (Cue BeeGees," I just feel like dancin', whoo, dancin', whoo, dance the night away...)

  11. You go girl... hehe Awesome awesome stuff girly... Love your banner by the way. hehe


  12. CONGRATULATIONS Lauren! That is SOO GREAT! Your drawing is AWESOME and I sure don't blame them for loving your banner. I sure do! I wish mine looked HALF as good as yours!

  13. Well Done lAUREN..You must be sooo proud,it`s great, and I must say you must be sooo proud I would be f I had a gorgeous Banner like yours:)x

  14. Wow, you artful little blogger, you!! MASSIVEST of congratulations for this well-deserved honour - well done you! VCxx

    PS. Should I start addressing you as 'O Published One'? Or would you prefer 'Your Fabulousness'? :o)

  15. wow!!! well done you!!! huge congratulations!!! I too adore your banner, its gorgeous :)

  16. YAY YAY YAY!! That is such cool news! Now more of the world will know why we flock to your blog for pure art and comedic amusement. Huge congrats!! xo

  17. Congratulations - Way cool! and although you may be surprised the rest of us, who stalk your blog, are not. Your artwork is amazing!


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