Monday, April 12, 2010

best fishes!!!

ok, i know a lot of people who read my blog love gina of tyggereye art as much as i do, so you're gonna flip over what i have to show you today: creations made with gina's VERY FIRST DIGIKIT, of the water now available in her etsy shop!!!

being the very verrrrrrrry lucky girl that i am, i got to have a little sneak peek over the weekend (thanks, g!) and i had a blast playing with this thing! the papers are GORGEOUS and watercolory...the elements (including one of gina's awesome goldfish!) are beautiful...there's an alphabet and a cool set of numbers and these great labels...and...well, how about if i stop talking so you can see for yourself?! :)

for my first digi-composition, i used the wave element as a clipping mask on several of the divine multicolored patterned papers in PSE. i gave them subtle drop shadows in coordinating colors, and layered them with the very handsome shark on a background of sky paper framed in ocean waves paper. the only thing i used from outside the kit was a font called "ma sexy", to give a little advice we all need from time to time: just keep swimming!

in the next one i used a fabulous quote from henri matisse, "i wouldn't mind turning into a vermilion goldfish"! i can't help but think matisse would've been even MORE enthusiastic about such a project if he'd had the option of turning into one of gina's gorgeous embroidered vermilion goldfish, don't you think?!

again, everything you see is from the kit, with the exception of the fonts (2peas platform shoes & mom's typewriter) and an a couple of anna aspnes' asian script brushes that i've layered in soft colors over the blue-green watercolor paper. the green textured paper, sized just slightly larger, makes a perfect frame in exactly the right color!

and now i know you're longing to go and see what gina made with the i will bid you a fond farewell until tomorrow when i'll be back with some awesome of the water HYBRID CARDS!!!



  1. Aaaaaah!!! These are freakin' fabulous. Love that sharkie one. He is so menacing, and yet I want to pet him. (Yup, I like the bad boys.) And that Goldfish card is soooo pretty. Running to the store RIGHT now. (okay, after the meeting with the boss - gotta keep the paycheck coming - right?)

  2. good are certainly rockin' Gina's digi kit!!!!! Excellent job girlie!!!!!

  3. I love what you did with Gina's fab kit Lauren! Jo x

  4. Hehe I love it!! Thank you so much girlie for everything. I love your digi cards. I can't wait to see your hybrid stuff!

  5. Just stunning Lauren! I actually thought these were hybrids when I first looked at them, so much dimension and texture! ♥♥♥LOVE!

    (-: Heidi

  6. wow! you have showed cased Gina's kit so beautifully with those fabulous cards! amazing! i LOVE that goldfish, too!

  7. EEEEK! Love the "embroidered" fishy and fleur! How fun!

  8. Love Gina's digi kit and just love what you've made of it... Fantastic... Really adorable goldfish.. Can't wait to check out your hybrid cards...


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