Saturday, April 17, 2010

but is adventure ready for ME, we ask ourselves??!

i'm off on a little mini-vacation...back on thursday...i'll be checking in and checking email, but probably not much else.

have a FABULOUS week, darlings!!!


  1. Cute! Wish I could take our cat on holiday... or maybe not, Jo x

  2. LOL! LOVE IT!! Have a fun and safe vacation!!!

  3. You have a FAB week too. I think you'll win this week. I have to work. In the office. With some bozo-heads. (insert dramatic sigh)

  4. I missed this post somehow. You & LHJ have been on my mind the past couple of ideas, so I decided to stop by. Glad to know you are enjoying a little va-kay. I hope LHJ is feeling better!!!

  5. Woohoo for mini vacations! Have a fabulous time girlie!

    (-: Heidi


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