Thursday, April 22, 2010

a hint as to where i've been this week:

any guesses???
nope, that's not paris...nor des moines...nor uttar pradesh...

need another hint?
check out the girl on the left:

yep, it's new york, new york--so good they named it twice!!!

ok, bonus round: wanna guess who was with me?
lhj perhaps?
not this time.

check out the girl on the right:

yes, indeed, it's the lovely miss stephanie... (who turns out to be even LOVELIER in real life!) ...she came all the way from iowa to hang out and do the tourist thang with me! (and boy did we have *FUN*!)

there's lots more, but if i show it all at once i fear i will cause unsafe levels of envy overload, so i'll sign off for now.



  1. ohhhh soooo fun!!! it doesn't matter that you didn't show it all at once...i still have envy overload! haha!!

  2. OH WOW!!!! HOW COOL! I bet you two had a GREAT time together!!!

  3. Oh man oh man...I bet you ladies had sooo much fun together!!

  4. Oh My How fabulous!!!!!!Lucky lADIES ...I bet you had loads of fun!!!cant wait to see those photo`s.........
    Yahahah TFS
    Have a fabulous Friday Miss Lauren:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. awww, how AWESOME for both of you! it's been great weather, too! hope you're having loads of fun and seeing the sights and eating lots of scrummy foodstuffs.

    i look forward to your triumphant artsy return, dahlink! :)

  6. All that talent in one place, it's just not fair. Hope you two had a blast!!! ♥

  7. FUN! I'll take pics one or two at a time, you know, to fill the whole WEEK!

  8. looks like fun! can't wait to see more photos! =)

  9. OH WOW!!!! Bet you talented girls have lots of FUN!!! Looking forward to see more pictures and now worries I've allready have envy overload! ;-))

  10. Hi Lauren, I'm greener than a green thing from greenland wearing green! Gotta get this envy thing under control! Glad you had fun, fun, fun! Jo x

  11. Envy. Nah, just wish I were there with you gals. (Okay, maybe a smidge of envy.)

  12. Oooooh, how FUN! Not only to be in NYC but to be there with the sweet ms. Stephanie!

    (-: Heidi

  13. ooh fun! I would have wanted to go to that scrapbook store Julie Balzer is always talking about there since she lives there. So much fun. Love the pics.

  14. WOW! You were able to meet Smilin' Steph in person? That must have been fantastically fun :)


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