Friday, April 16, 2010

heart the art double-header!

it's been a couple of weeks since i posted my heart the art pages, hasn't it? the reason being, i had hoped to take a *WONDERFUL* photo of the nieces and nephew on easter sunday to use on my week 14 page, AMAZED. sadly, i only took about a dozen pics that day... (too busy playing with the little varmints in question!) ...and wound up with only one photo of all 4 kids together! this was taken at the "little" supper table, had distracting elements on the table and in the background, and while it was pretty good of the girls, featured quite an unflattering image of my brother knelt down in the very center at the back!

what to do...what to do...

first i converted the whole thing to black & white and bumped up the contrast, which helped make the plates & cups & tabletop recede and brought the sweet faces into prominence. but it was still a really BAD picture, and my thoughts of being able to just layer some text over the offending bits were dashed. so i printed it on photo paper and set about covering everything except the kids in gesso. they looked a bit "disembodied"...but on the plus side it gave me lots of lovely room to do my journaling! when that was done, it looked pretty good, but was entirely black and white...which is much too tame for these whippersnappers!!! i wanted to make a funky ribbon frame like this (!), but i hadn't left enough room to go all the way around the edges. when i pulled out my ribbon box, i found a snack-sized baggie with tiiiiiiiiny scraps that i keep telling myself to throw away and it hit me: layered ribbon-scrap photo corners! (obviously, lol!!!) et voila:

(sei patterned paper; misc. ribbon scraps; may arts butterfly; heidi swapp & michaels $ spot rubber stamps; stewart superior india ink pad; liquitex gesso; kodak premium photo paper; uniball pen; gluedots, tombow mono adhesive runner, staples)

this week (#15) our word is SEARCHING.

(ranger cardstock; sei paper; snoopy cut from a magazine; dymo labels; ek success rub-ons; michaels sparkly foam star stickers)

the thing we are searching for, at the moment, is an answer to what is making lovely husband jeff dizzy. ordinarily, i would say it's his overwhelming love for me... :) ...but this has gone a bit past that now, and we think it's the leftover consequence of a bigtime ear/sinus infection he had at the beginning of the year that sort of kept coming back now and again. apparently, the inflamation has not gone all the way away, and he has got increasingly dizzy and even a bit nauseous. medication alleviates it somewhat, but it makes him very sleepy, which is not particularly helping him with his main goal, which is to be able to go to work and then DO THINGS whilst he's there. so we're still plodding along with doctors and so forth. hopefully an answer will present itself pretty soon. (i will keep you posted!)

this concludes my super-sized bonus round of heart the art pages, but why not check out the flickr group for more loads of art journaling fabulousness!!! ♥♥♥


  1. you are soooooooo clever!! lovin' what you did to make the photo work for you!! Fantabulous projects! So sorry about your hubby's is the worst. I hope they get it figured out soon! hugs!

  2. You arsty, creative girl, you! That project of your darlings is beatiful! I love the scrap ribbon photo corners- genious!
    Hope your hubby gets "clear" soon...

  3. OOOOOOOOoooooo I am so happy you kept those scrap bits and made photo corners. They are so happy together, just like your sweet nephew & nieces :)

    I like your Snoopy detective. Let's hope he is more successful at solving LHJ's dizziness than the docs have been so far...

  4. These are amazing!! I love the first one and the snoopy one is too cool. I hope that Jeff finds his answer soon. Thats horrible to feel that way.

  5. WOW!! your layout is AMAZING!!!! love what you did to make it "work." and the snoopy card is so cute! love the design! Hope your husband gets better soon.

  6. oooohhhhhhh rocked heart the art....I absolutely love what you did with the black & white photo...and ADORE the searching piece...absolutely creative!!!! Oh no about that right...LHJ....I keep reading "Ladies Home Journal" but isn't it Lovely Husband Jeff...good grief, anyways, I hope that he feels better soon...

  7. UGH, honey, i'm so sorry to hear about Jeff's ailments! i hope the answer is right there and you'll stumble onto it soon. sending you love, and DETERMINED to see you soon, dagnabbit!

    (love the flashlight snoopy, by the way - what a brilliant way to incorporate the text!)

    you genius, you.

  8. Love both of these! The gesso is genius! And the flashlight amazing!
    I hope LHJ soon finds an answer and a cure - Nasty business that!

  9. These are fantastic girl! Who doesn't love Snoopy!

  10. Love both of these, you really nailed the first one. Great what you did with the picture. And I love snoopy and the yellow text between the stitches
    I'm so sorry to hear about Jeff's dizziness, hope the answers are around the corner.
    Hugs to you both. :-)

  11. These are just fabby (of course), love how you used those lil scraps of ribbon and the yellow DYMO!

    Hope LHJ is felling much better soon!

    (-: Heidi


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