Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 sketches for...SUSHI!!!

having been away from home for 5 days i found--as always--the only things i really cannot live without are lovely husband jeff and the ability/time/supplies to be crafty!* which is why, even though i have laundry galore, dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds, and enough unanswered emails to wallpaper paraguay, what i did last night was clear a lauren-shaped hole in the living room and make a card using laura's sketch #50. hey--a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?! :)

and of course we all know that no matter how many fabulous supplies we possess, the thing we will always want to use most is whatever's brand new! in this case, i had been given a little sneaky peek at the new tyggereye art digital minikit: SUSHI TONIGHT!

strictly speaking, it's not out until next wednesday**...but i just COULD NOT WAIT! i had to have a little play ! it's really gina's fault...if she expects me to practice restraint, she's going to have to start making these things considerably less awesome!!! (& trust me ain't gonna happen!) i made a hybrid card, just because i really needed to do some real life cutting and pasting!

(digital elements: sushi tonight minikit, tyggereye art; patterned paper: rouge de garance, basic grey + text from a japanese workbook; black glossy cardstock: ranger; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

once again, when i cut out the little pieces of sushi i was holding a second layer--in this case of plain black paper--behind the print-out so that in addition to the elements i had silhouettes of their shapes, also. these i glued just slightly offset behind each bit of fishy goodness to make a sort of drop-shadow; i love how that looks! the word strips (which i welded together digitally to form that nice border) and sushi's are printed on photo paper for a little bit of gloss and shine.

in my original vision i had loads of layers of the kit's gorgeously grunged-up papers as the base of the was beautiful and super-colorful...but then, when i went to glue it up, i set everything aside onto some black "rouge de garance" paper and it made the sushi panel *POP* so wonderfully...well, i changed the entire plan in midstream! after that, i decided it only needed a little bit of distressing and sewing to increase the "texture factor"!

more examples from the kit later this week...not to mention lots more new york photos! ♥

*i did work on my new york travel journal every night in the hotel; i'll post pics when it's finished, hopefully next week!
**update: it turns out, GINA couldn't wait either...the sushi kit is out *now*! HOORAY!


  1. You made this card so yummy. It is delish. Love how you put all these wonderful elements together. Have you considered scanning some of that Japanese work book. Maybe to email to certain groupies of yours???? That paper looks incredible with Gina's kit. I totally understand the need to cut and glue. Without it I am a grump-pot.

  2. Wow, another fun digi kit from Gina! Great card! Love all the sentiments down the side! Thanks for playing along at 2S4Y! :)

  3. Awesome cards ... since I own one of her sushi stamps, I'm off to purchase for sure. Thanks for the digi-tips ... going searching for PrintShop tomorrow.

  4. yummy sushi! Gina's kit is adorable! love what you did with her kit. fab card!

  5. LOVE this! & I love sushi!! :D
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!|

  6. super fabulous!! don't let those tumbleweeds get ya and i'll have to ask my daughter how she would feel about Paraguay being wallpapered! haha!

  7. I absolutely ♥♥love♥♥ this sista!!!! You definitely rocked Gina's digi-kit...big time!!!!!

  8. Now I am really hungry :) You and Gina go together like peanut butter & jelly!

  9. This card is just too much FUN!! :)


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