Sunday, April 25, 2010

it's probably not *IMPOSSIBLE* to take a bad photo of the guggenheim...

...but it's definitely quite difficult. case in point: even a notoriously bad snapper such as myself can produce some pretty good pics. wanna see?

it looks good full on:

it looks good in profile:

it looks good as a surrealist composition:

it looks very good indeed as a minimalist construct:

and yes, even its nether regions look pretty good:

ok, maybe it IS impossible to take a bad photo of the guggenheim, but next time you're in new york, do swing by and have a go! whilst there, you might also like to enter the iconic frank lloyd wright building...they have some pretty nice art inside, as well!!! :)

if you're going to be there before september, you'll be able to see the current exhibition, HAUNTED, which stef and i saw & highly recommend; it is quite remarkable! here is a link my lovely friend sent this morning, it's video on the guggenheim's website in which the curators and some of the artists discuss the show. even if you're not particularly interested in this installation, the video gives a wonderful sense of what the inside of this utterly unique museum space is like: how the art is displayed, how each piece is connected and yet separate from the others, and how the visitors flow through it. if you've been to the guggenheim it will remind you why you love it...if you've never been, it might just inspire you! (thanks, stef!!!) ♥♥♥


  1. fun!!!! you gals are such fabbie tourists...

  2. Thanks for sharing that truly fabulous experience with me ... so amazing.

  3. On my list of places that I must go... but will I ever get there???? Jo x

  4. that is an amazing building! love those photos!

  5. fab pics!!! but i'm pretty sure i could take some bad pics!


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