Thursday, April 15, 2010

on your (book)mark...get set...GO!

you might just remember that a couple of weeks ago gina and i had another fab ATC swap, which we both really enjoyed. what you may have forgotten is that gina also made me a fabulous bookmark, and i promised to do the same.

yeah. i forgot, too...until about five minutes after i *mailed* my half of the ATC swap! but when i remembered i set right to work, and in pennance i made TWO bookmarks: a funny one featuring my all-time favorite groucho marx quote (the front is on the left, the back is on the right):

text reads: "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend...inside of a dog, it's too dark to read"

and a pretty one, with a sort of vaguely french theme:

dymo-ed text reads, "ne perdex pas votre page"
which means...if my very small amount of french and the google translator are to be trusted...
"don't lose your page!"

believe it or not, in all my years of papercrafting, these are the very first bookmarks i've ever made! i doubt they'll be the last, however, as they were SO MUCH FUN to put together...and...a fabulous use of small paper scraps, leftover rub-ons, and the last stickers in the pack!

tonight, when you're done making a card, instead of cleaning up your table, why not make a bookmark instead?! (i bet you'll be hooked, too!!!) :)


(~materials~ vintage: dog & book illustrations, sheet music, french text paper; patterned paper: pink paislee, creative imaginations, prima, sei, doodlebug, hambly transparency; rhonna farrer digital "french ooh la la" tickets; alphabet stamps: making memories; sticker: frances meyer; rub-ons: 7 gypsies; butterfly punch: martha stewart; eyelets: oriental trading; ribbon: heidi swapp; inks: colorbox & staz-on; other: dymo labels, raffia; adhesives: uhu gluestick; tombow monorunner)


  1. Very cool, Mix L! I made bookmarks as wedding favors for Kaye's daughter 6 years ago. It was my wedding present to them. I kept mine really simple, but I did order the acrylic bookmark sleeves from clearbags. I think I have some left over sleeves; r u interested in a few?

    Love your use of bits of paper & last of the stickers/rub-ons. Clever title too :)

  2. these could not be more fabulous!! Every time I come to your blog I just SMILE!! Such a treat!!

  3. Ok, so how have I managed to be a librarian for so long and NOT have heard that quote??? These are totally fab Lauren. I love making bookmarkers with the kids at work but have never made any myself... must put that one right! Jo x

  4. Love these - that Groucho quote is GREAT! Your first bookmarks eh? Wow, I wish all my first attempts came out so nice!

  5. I love these bookmarks. I read all the time and find myself using receipts or little scraps of paper because I can never find any bookmarks. It rarely occurs to me to walk 15 feet and make a really cool one like these. DUH!!!
    That quote is really funny. I really love the Frenchie one. Oooh, la la.

  6. saw your bookmarks at Gina's blog and I was blown away! wow! they are amazing! the double sided feature is fab!! you are amazing, girl!

  7. I love my bookmarks!! Hey girl my beta tester! I need more help. Sending you some fabness in the email. Can't wait to hear what you think.

  8. Wowza ... or in this case double-Wowza ... this are fantastic. See you soon.

  9. okay, YEAH, you need to make more bookmarks, and these are both FUNNERWOOL, girlfriend! the dog quote is awesome, and i like the parisienne bookmark - don't lose your page, but also "et le livre" - "and the book"! ha ha ha! if you've lost the book, the bookmark doesn't stand much of a chance, does it? poor bookmark.


  10. LOVE your fabbie bookmarks sista...I mean what don't I love that you create?! seriously...

  11. Love your bookmarks Lauren. Never made one myselves but think I have to make a few for Erik, he's always reading. Thankyou for the great inspiration as ever... Hugs

  12. I looove making bookmarks! my 8 yr old is a book devour-er and i am always making him new ones.

    Super love these! The first one is hil-a-ri-ous and the second...oh la la lovely!

    (-: Heidi


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