Friday, April 23, 2010

you know it's a good trip when even the paper towels seem happy to see you!

these particular paper towels were in the ladies' room at the neue galerie that is nearest to cafe fledermaus. i suspect that every face which has been anywhere near cafe fledermaus (or the galerie's other restaurant, cafe sabarsky) wears a similar grin. i know i was definitely sporting one on sunday, having eaten the most divine wild mushroom spaetzle you can possibly imagine, followed by a schwarzwalder kirschtorte* that might well have restored even nietzsche's faith in a higher power**, all washed down with deliciously fruity mango-ginger iced tea!

alas, the only problem with an absolutely AMAZING vacation is that no matter how wonderful one's real life is... (and being the lucky so-and-so i am, mine is gooooooooood!)'s hard not to feel very slightly aggrieved to re-enter a land where beds & bathrooms are not magically made up whilst one spends the the day wafting quite deliriously from museum to cafe to gift-shop! but hey, as "problems" go...i'll take it, gladly!!! ♥

*basically a chocolate covered cherry in cake form.
**or in the restorative talents of the pastry chef, at least!


  1. Talk about an infectious smile!

    (-: Heidi

  2. Ha, ha - you are sooooooo funny Lauren!!!! Have a great weekend babe, Jo x

  3. hahaha....have a fabbie weekend!

  4. love dat paper towel smile! have a happy weekend! =)

  5. That is the truth isn't it? Ahh it is so nice when you have a fresh made bed you didn't have to make and clean bathroom towels you didn't hang or wash! Good luck getting reused to being back. :) Its a shocker sometimes! lol

  6. So fun reading your posts. I posed my day one summary today & just thinking about it made me smile all over again ... this trip was truly a Top 10 experience ... can't thank you enough for sharing the experience with me.


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