Tuesday, November 17, 2009

owlways happy to get mail!

my lovely blogging friend amanda surprised me with this fabulous card the other day:

don't you just love that adorable owl? my favorite part is his (or her? oof--sorry, madam!) eyes--they're little black pearls and they just give that cute face such instant dimension and expression. (i'm definitely getting some of those ASAP!)

as if getting an awesome handmade "just because" card wasn't enough, amanda made me some verrrrrrrrry cool holiday tags, as well:

aren't they pretty? i love their clean graphic style!
amanda makes loads of fun things out of paper...and you should SEE what this girl can do with *felt*!!! but don't take my word for it, check out her blog and etsy shop!

thank you very VERY much indeed, miss amanda!

(i don't care what ANYBODY says...i would let
you babysit my pets ANY TME!)
(ok, i *might* get them GPS collars, first!)


  1. These are gorgeous!!! You are stocked up for Christmas tags now huh? lol

  2. A very pretty 'wol' indeed. Does someone need tips from my bastard brother-in-law on how to look after other people's animals??

  3. Sweet, Lauren! You're so welcome... glad you enjoyed! I laughed out loud at the pet sitting comment!
    LOVE your monsta card!

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