Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

personally, i am not a fan of pumpkin pie*, so in my opinion, "nawt pie yet" is indeed the perfect state to which pumpkins ought aspire. i realize i am in the minority on this issue, so i do hope your pumpkin IS pie already, if you like it that way; and that whether or not you are celebrating thanksgiving today, your day is a particularly lovely one...

...preferably involving the pie of your choosing!

*i don't like carrot cake, either...or any sweet made from rhubarb. imo, vegetables should play to their strength and remain sidedishes, leaving the dessert realm to those better qualified to pull it off successfully: fruits, nuts, chocolate and so forth. but that's just me. :)


  1. Nope (shakes head) iz nawt pie yet but thi gives us more time to make pumpkin soup (big grin)

    Happy 'Turkey Day' :-)

    (you should feel how soft the wool is for BaJeDan's squooshy bottom!!)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Lauren! Off to make the pies now. One is pumpkin, but the other is apple for the non pumpkin pie lovers such as yourself.

  3. Oh, I'm just so disappointed!
    You have *obviously* never had GOOD pumpkin pie! :)
    Most of them are too damn sweet (ick) and not enough spicy. Truly one of my faves!
    As for carrot cake, well, I too didn't believe that it was all that - until I had the best one evah! Lots of pineapple in that one, no raisins! lol
    Someday, dahlink, should you visit me I promise to make some yumminess that you just can't pass up!
    Happy Turkey Day!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I only made apple pies today...because I luvs dem!

    (-: Heidi

  5. happy thanksgiving to you! even though it's not thanksgiving here of course, and the cdn one has passed, i'm wondering if i could get the ingredients to make pumpkin pie...mmmm :)))

  6. i'm a day late but here in my house it is Thanksgiving (as i was at the w's all day yesterday making sure this part of va had turkey dinners.) and today we shall have turkey and sides (made from vegetables) as we are traditionalists... there will be apple crumb and pumpkin pies but in my yearly search to inject something new into a holiday meal (we're traditionalists who must have certain dishes on holidays without fail or it will not taste like that particular hoilday if you follow) - i have added one item - pumpkin roll.. check it out at w's - you may feel differently on the whole "vegetables stay as sidedishes" stance. (this roll is filled with ridiculously delicious cream cheese filling -o-mi-gosh - heaven - it'll go directly to my hips but it'll be worth it)
    What, praytell, is your stance on zucchini bread?????????

  7. I'm not a pumpkin pie fan either, though I usually have a little taste every Thanksgiving. Once a year is plenty for me :)


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