Sunday, November 22, 2009

i went a little kerrrrrr-AAAAAY-zee!

(i know, i know--*SO* unlike me!)

you know what those physic dudes say: "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." yesterday i showed you a card that was calm, restrained, and full of restful white space. this one isn't ANY of those things, which is quite hilarious when you consider that i made it using scraps from the other one.

but i've got ahead of myself. first the sketch:

it's this past week's super sketchy sunday (day 260) from 365 cards, and i LOVE IT. i'll be using this again for sure. though perhaps not quite as...ahem..."exuberantly" as this:

(patterned paper: paper co, dcwv, vintage sheet music; cardstock: core'dinations & staples; frosted acrylic: shortcuts; rub-ons & gem flourishes: prima; diecut snowflake & brad: making memories; ink: colorbox & bazzill; adhesives: tombow mono runner, gluedots, 3m foam tape; other: sewing machine, edge distresser, basic grey chipboard snowflake used as a template)

i have to say this was one of the most fun cards in the world to make! i'd pre-cut the snowflakes earlier in the week (more on that in a minute) and i had the scraps from the layered tree card sitting next to me. the prima rub-ons were brand new... (someday SOMETHING made by prima will stay intact for more than a day in my house!) ...and i knew immediately i wanted the outflung flourishy bits from the sketch to be crystals.

it took me a few minutes to figure out how i could *support* the crystals if they were going to flourish themselves right off the card base, but as soon as i found a leftover sheet of shortcuts' frosted acrylic, i was good to go. i affixed the gems to the snowflake, starting in the center, and then when i got out to the edge i placed a larger-than-necessary bit of acrylic under the snowflake to catch the "overhanging" ones. i anchored the acrylic securely to the back of the flakewith gluedots, and then trimmed carefully around each flourish. et voila!

finally, two words about said gorgeous snowflake: NEVER AGAIN. i traced a basic grey chipboard ornament that i absolutely adore, and i LOVE the result, but cutting this baby out was a B*TCH and a half. you know me, my middle name is "fussycutting" but yeeeeeeowza! all those little curls and curves and reverses which make it look so lovely and so intricate were waaaay too much on the old carpals. i cut three layers of this at once...and two of 'em are on this card. the third will show up at some point and then i will...regretfully...go back to ordinary store-bought flakes!


  1. Oh my SWEET Mother of Pearl...♥♥thud♥♥ Leave it to clever absolutely rocked this sketch!!!! I'm soooo glad that you were able to play with are never lazy pants about doing anything...lazy pants...I think that is an Amy'ism...I tend to say it alot but never really seen it typed in black and white and now I realize how weird that must sound to peeps...anywho's...yes, I've had 8 cups of coffee already..still waiting for the kidlets to wake up so that I can actually have food in my belly to absorb all that said coffee...oy...better get scooting...I know that there is another fabbie post of yours that I'm going to leave a comment on...probably a much shorter comment...LOL.

  2. WOW Lauren. AMAZING. That bling is just sensational. And the music snowflake... GORGEOUS.

  3. *swoon* OH MY GOODNESS! This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous Lauren! I could not love it more!

    (-: Heidi

  4. amazing card, so creative, so gorgeous, so you!! love it!!

  5. Absolutely just bumped out every other card you've ever done. Okay well no, there are a few others that I love too, but this one is close. Must go to flickr and immediately fav this bad boy! The cutting was well worth it. wOw! Lovely Lauren.

  6. Love your out-of-the-box thinking (I should say "off-the-card base!) Your fussy cutting is at an all-time high, but the result is amazing. I've had those "never again" moments too, but your card is lovely and stunning and full of Laureny goodness :) A fabulous idea to use the acetate to come off the card, my dear!

  7. it's SENSATIONAL, truly! from one fussy-cutting fiend to another, you did an amazing job, and while your poor wrists and tendons are probably screaming at you now, your adoring fans are saying "ENCORE, ENCORE!".


  8. i love that you went off the card :-) but its not surprising. why let a boundary get in your way sweetie right? a little bit of ingenuity (of which you abound) and it came out gorgeous. as for the cutting - i laugh cos i get myself into these kinds of things as well - then kick myself cos i gotta go thru and finish it (even if it kills me) but i DO have a suggestion... do not buy store bought flakes :-) - buy a DIE for your cuttlebug and CUT THEM FLAKES! (you'd think Cuttlebug was payin me for this huh? oh i wish)

  9. Let's try this again- the power went out as I was typing! This card is beAUtifulllll! Crazy works for you big time! Love the sketch and what you have done with it! You need a snowflake die, and a doodad die (or three)for easy cutting of paper and such!!! It makes life soo easy....


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