Thursday, November 5, 2009

52Q: 43 (last year)

HOORAY! as of this post i am officially caught up on 52Q! and this card is one of my favorites, as well. wouldja believe...the bird silhoutte cut from calendar paper JUST HAPPENED to be on my worktable, leftover from the bits i thought i was going to use on paul's collage, when i started to think about this question??! talk about your creative kismet!

question 43: what were you doing this time last year?

(materials front & back: bits of an old calendar, an envelope & an insurance form; basic grey patterned paper; k&co alphabet rub-ons; colorbox inks; copic & uniball pens; mambi gem)

text on front reads, "this time last year:"

text on back reads, "(a lot like this year!) same house, same jobs, same cars, same know you've hit middle age when 'a boring life' seems like a really GREAT THING!"

this was quite a quick one to make. the longest part--by far--was the time i spent looking for the half-completed card which had slid into one of my hanging files whilst i was looking for coordinating paper to use for the back. of course, it's never a bad thing to clean out a drawer, is it? ...even if you wind up doing it by the middle of a completely different project... :)


  1. Oh you noble creature you. Clearing out drawers and tidying up!

  2. LOL...don't you hate it when you lose stuff? I love it when I find stuff....especially stuff that I forgot's like christmas...

    I love it when I have a boring life...I cringe at drama...hate the stuff...

  3. So cleaning out the drawer was the result of the happy accident of losing your card part? Oh, yeah - been there, done that!

    I LOVE the bird cut from the calendar! And I LOVE that "boring" = "good". ;-)

  4. Gorgeous!! I love that bird cut from the calendar piece...fabulous!

    Ah, if I could only get back all the time I spent looking for misplaced stuff!

    (-: Heidi

  5. Check your elbow, Kathy--that's what I tell myself when I've lost a little fussy piece or a letter sticker has gone missing. :) Your little birds have always captivated me and this one is perfection. Love your 52Q's!

  6. ooh I love this one!!! I think its my fav so far. Its so pretty. yeah for being caught up!!! Good for you. I don't think I ever was in either of the challenges. lol

  7. You ARE NOT middle aged, my dear! Don't you know the 40s are the new 20s???


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