Wednesday, November 18, 2009

52Q: 45 (song)

it's hard to believe we're down to single digits for 52Q now...and even harder to believe that the deadline for xmas cards, gifts, shopping, packing, and mailing is several weeks less than that! but let's take a deep breath and go back into "holiday denial state" for a few blissful moments longer whilst we consider last week's card, eh?!

question 45: "which song do you have on repeat right now?"

(patterned paper: love elsie fabric paper with clouds, (this is my biggest "discontinued product regret" in the whole world...WHY did ki *not* keep this stuff in print??!?!) basic grey, cd advertisement, vintage sheet music; cassette tape rub-ons: hambly; brads: hot off the press; journaling spot: making memories; other: colorbox inks, manual typewriter; adhesives: uhu gluestick, tombow monorunner)

text reads, "on a continuous loop, every single night at bedtime...BUDDHA LOUNGE"

ok, so mine's not a song, as such, it's a genre: i have to have soft music at night. if it's too peppy, it keeps me awake. if it's elevator-y & annoying, it keeps me awake. if it has lyrics in english, i will start mentally "singing along", for which i am almost always...wait for it...AWAKE.* as you can imagine, this considerably limits the cd choices! i have a lot of classical, (i really love this set...though i didn't pay ANYTHING LIKE this price...i guess it's out of print?) and then around the holidays i have classical and sort of historical christmas cds, (this one from the metropolitan museum is a big fave!) and just recently, i've discovered the buddha lounge series and currently i'm rather hooked on those!

*are you sensing a trend here? i am NOT a great sleeper. never have been. hardly anyone in my family is. (arrgh.)


  1. NICE!
    so that's the cloud paper of which you spoke... and now you're hanging onto it for dear life, right? *sigh* i do feel your pain, my friend.

    Buddha Lounge is awesome!

  2. Insomnia has been a constant companion of mine too. One thing that has at least partially cured me (not that I am at all recommending this mind you) is having kids. I am too darn exhausted all the time NOT to sleep! LOL!

    Gorgeous card! I love the dreamy blue Buddha!

    (-: Heidi

  3. So cool!! Can't believe you are almost done with these!

  4. I think you & I may have been separated at birth if you can add "it must be really really REALLY dark for me to be able to sleep; light wakes me up" :)

  5. Mostly people just look at me funny when I say that I can't listen to music at night because - wait for it - I *sing along* in my head!
    Who knew that I had such a cool twin?! ;)
    (although, quite honestly, MOST music will make me either sing along or anticipate the next note. Hence I sleep with a fan for white noise. Unless the fan is wonky and making noise that isn't rhythmic - then I just want to cry)


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