Monday, November 2, 2009

do they sell these at radio shack?

actually...considering that we have *SIX* (!!!) remotes, each controlling a different bit of our entertainment electronics array, it's entirely possible that one of them DOES activate an army of evil robots, unbeknownst to me.

LHJ often tells me how important it is to read the manuals which come with one's appliances. i contend that my strategy--MARRY SOMEONE willing to read the manuals which come with one's appliances--is an equally valid approach. in my defense, it's worked perfectly well for 24 years!

on a completely different subject, here is something that came in the mail on saturday, and i haven't stopped smiling yet:

it's from the lovely june. she was trying to make a "lauren-y" thank you card, and BY JINGO she succeeded, didn't she?! i myself have made quite a few cards that were much less lauren-y than this one! thank you miss june, i shall treasure it always!


happy monday darlings!

i do hope there's some leftover halloween candy in your packed lunch today, but if not...just stand next to a co-worker, lookin' sad...and as skinny as possible! ;)


  1. I always walk around trying to look skinny but I don't think it really seems to be working very well.

    Not sure about your evil remotes but there seems to be crashing and hooting noises coming from Bristol. Do you think you have activated Monkee Maker's NMA???

  2. ahhh yes, what's up with dudes and remotes? I remember when I was younger, we actually had to get up from the couch and change the TV these days don't know how good they have it:)

    Oh my...such happy mail...gotta love happy mail ;)

  3. LOL, the remote situation at our house is frighteningly similar!

    June did such a great job with her Lauren-y card!

    (-: Heidi

  4. I don't understand the obsession with guys and remotes; it must be a genetic flaw ;) DH & I never read manuals. He would rather figure it out by playing, and I know how to get up out of the chair and turn the tv off manually :)

    I am so glad you like your card. It was fun to make! I have a little Halloween candy left, but no chocolate panda buscuits....yep, I opened them yesterday and they are already gone!

  5. Sweet baby Jesus, woman.
    Get yourself an all in one remote. No, really. The ones that actually *work* ARE expensive (well, I got mine pretty dang cheap) but worth maybe a Christmas prezzie for LHJ! We have a Harmony One, lemme tell ya, that baby paid for itself the day that DH & I were having a little blow up and my friend had to turn on the tv for the kiddo. (later on she told me that she was so relieved to see that screen that said Watch Tivo she could've cried) Hmmm, uncomfortable. ;)
    Go look here:,en&filter=398&sort=s1

    And, yes! Quite the cute card! (and kitty if you're counting!)

  6. Love the kitty army of evil robots. Are they kitty robots or human slave robots???? Love the card too. How cool of June.


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