Friday, November 27, 2009

MORE awesome happy mail!!!

you may remember that my lovely blogging friend leah the orange won my favorite things blog candy giveaway a couple of weeks ago. well she sent me an unbelievably cool thank you card, so of course i have to show you:

isn't it AWESOME?! it's got loads of hot pink and bling and possibly the best sentiment EVER! but that wasn't the only thing she sent! noper...leah decided to send me some of HER favorite scrappy things--wouldja LOOK at this loot??!

there are postcards... (which i didn't even know leah knew i collected!) ...and cool kraft labels, the most awesome newsprint ribbon, a variety of FAB stickers, grungeboard hardware, tickets, and some gorgeous patterned paper...including one with a background of CLOUDS!!! that leah, she's a goooooood picker, i tell ya! :)

thank you thank you thank you
oh smashing orangey one!!!

(ok now clear off, you lot...i gots NEW STUFFS to play with!!!) :)


  1. Right then , I was goingto go 'oooo!' and 'squeeee!' a lot but as you are pushing me out the door I can't quite get to the keyboard ...

  2. yay! was totally sending the postcards because *I* think they're awesome... should have figgered you collect 'em! i'm so glad you liked the goodies! and you are VERY welcome! come on over and we'll play. ;) OH, and it turns out you're about an hour and a bit away from me. i've been through your town en route to New Hope (for some Chili Pistachio Brittle from Suzie Hot Sauce). it's TOTALLY drivable!

  3. Oh, how fun! She found some bits that look like they would have come from your stash :)


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