Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy mail is here again! :)

so i ordered an unbelievably cool sandpiper from my very favorite stamp designer in the whole wide world... (the lovely and amazing gina of tyggereye art!) ...and it arrived yesterday. it's even cooler irl than it looked on her etsy, which is saying something, i assure you!

gina made me a beautiful card, as well. she is my hybrid design heroine for both cards and LO's, not to mention art journaling. i am constantly seeing things on her blog that i just want to flat-out copy! (like this...and THIS!!!)

and as if THAT wasn't enough, she made me some utterly AWESOME christmas tags! (which i will try VERY HARD to actually use on gifts for other people...though possibly not THIS year!)

thank you thank you thank you miss gina,
you rock in every conceivable way!!!


  1. now that's some serious happy mail!!!

  2. YAY!! Now when do I get to see that bird on a card?? HUH?

  3. Oh!@ I'm glad you got the stuff and you love it. :) I can't wait to see what you do with the little birdie too. ~!!

  4. Oh, I can see why you like her cards so much! Fabulous, just like YOU.


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