Wednesday, November 25, 2009

head's up

or in this case, HEADER'S up. the new blog header, i mean. when i looked back through last year's posts for 52Q-question #43, i realized that the paper-pieced one with the deer was made in october of 2008...and much as i still loooooove that thing, an entire year is a bit long on one artwork, imo! since i've been having so much fun choosing and playing with digi-elements, i decided to make something a little different.

so whaddaya think?

(materials: my real-life notebookpaper collage, scanned, cropped & resized; digi elements: chandelier image & shadow: scrap-n-fonts; hipster plumes korners & edges no.4: anna aspnes, designer digitals; damask brush & inked edges tool kit: house of 3; fonts: bleeding cowboys & broken 15)

i think it's kind of fun and dramatic and a bit wintery. i used my notebook paper collage as the base... (however this is not THE thing i told you about that i had in mind; that's still coming, after the person whose birthday card it is receives it, probably next week) ...some assorted digi-stuffs, and a couple of my favorite fonts. i'm pretty pleased with it, actually.

i have a new avatar pic, as well. which i didn't need to post here...but somehow i can never figure out how to get it to load on the sidebar without linking to it online. so it's here.*

i'm definitely going back to changing my header out every 3 or 4 months, though. i think it's more fun to have lots of different ones which rotate; some created digitally and others made the old fashioned way. maybe the *next* one will have monstas??! ;)

*eta half an hour later: my photo is HERE...where it's not is on my sidebar...and in the course of trying to PUT IT on my sidebar, i have managed to make my profile inaccessible! (even though when i access it through dashboard, the "make profile accessible" box *IS* checked. and i saved it. abuncha times.) and i am completely out of time for this now until the weekend. arrrrgh. blogger...some days it's WORTH EVERY PENNY, eh?! (arrrrgggggh!)**

**eta--AGAIN--an additional hour after THAT: i managed to nip back online for 15 min and i *think* i've fixed everything now. my profile's re-linked, and my photo is (finally) on there. it's HUUUUUUUUGE, but i'll worry about that at a later date. surely someplace in the world it's an acceptable hour at which to have a margarita. i'm off to find that place! :)


  1. ooohh, monstas!
    yep, dig the new header with the chandies - that's so HOT right now! it looks great for the season - almost a halloweenie feel to it as well.

    i stinkin' LOVE that deer one though. it's no wonder you've had the bloomin' thing up there so long.

  2. Very nice header! It's got that moxie dramatic look...

    I also liked the cute deer from your last one...

    And you look Marvelous!

  3. LOVE the new look!!!
    And i've loved that photo of you for a while now :)
    And THAT is exactly the reason I LEFT blogger and went to wordpress.
    TOO MANY stupid issues.
    Hope you figure it out soon!!

  4. Wow! A real, not-blurry photo with you close enough to SEE you! And I have no patience for swapping out my patience at all. Carry on, my dear!

  5. 'Bonsoir et bienvenue ma soiree'
    is what it seems to be saying to me. An elegant and sophisticated header there madam, we would expect nothing less from you.

    And my head is being held very high today - thank you so very, very much :-)

  6. Very chic. I've been thinking of changing my blog up a bit, but that is as far as I've gotten; I don't know what I want, other than a change.

    I like your new avatar too! Very pretty. A slightly more grown up than the previous princess Lauren :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Christmas music tomorrow on the way home.

  7. I likie!!! Yeah I was just looking at your old banner thinking..hmm maybe I should make a new banner from paper. lol. I love your digi one. I have to put in a request though that the next one is a monsta one. That'd be too cool.

  8. i think it's called margaritaville and i have directions if you need them :-) (its in between nj and va although i dont think its in pa or md...yeah def not pa or md LOL)
    i love the new banner (although i shall miss the old - s'way i am... i dont mind change i just like to reminisce) so now you can tell me how to make a banner missy!

  9. oh i forgot to mention - i love your new pic :-) but again i'll miss the little lauren - but ah... i know the best part of her is in the blog everyday :-)

  10. ♥Gorgeous♥ new look! Love the header, you are definitely becoming a master of the digital realm! Love that avatar pic too, just lovely!

    (-: Heidi

  11. ♥♥♥♥♥thud♥♥♥♥♥


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