Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we're off...

to the mountains
(specifically, the adirondacks)
for a few days

where we will have cellphone...
it will be heavenly
it will be *quiet* for sure!
(which at the moment sounds entirely heavenly to me!)

i realize that i pretty much owe everyone on earth an email.
and don't even get me started on how verrrrrrrrry embarrassingly lame i have been with regard to NOT having enough time for visiting or commenting on other people's blogs in the last several weeks!


but when i return next week, i will be a reformed character.
no, really!
(HEY! why are you *laughing*?!)
(well then, i will definitely TRY HARDER, ok?!)

have a wonderful, fun, relaxing, beautiful, exciting, inspiring, amazing week!

(...and keep the interwebs warm for me...)


  1. Don't tell me that that thing called 'Real Life' has been geting in your way?!

    Also... you should not start to expect I will be 'selecting' you a prize recipient everytime you head for the hills!

  2. Have a great time taking it easy :)

  3. That is an incredible picture! I wish I were there, with my scrappin' supplies or dhDH...

  4. Some heavenly quiet sounds just lovely to me!! Hope you and LHJ have a fantastic time and come back all relaxed and refreshed...don't worry, I'll keep an eye on the (LOL)cats for you while you're away :)

  5. Don't you worry yourself - the interwebs is being kept positively toasty until your return. And if it looks like it's starting to cool, I'll sling another chair-leg on it and get the flames going again.

    That extended metaphor didn't really work, did it? And yet, I persevered with it quite relentlessly, didn't I? Sorry about that...

    Anyway, hope you're having lots of fun - and not missing the trappings of technology *too* much :o)

  6. Ooooh how lucious is that!!!!!
    Have a wonderful....gorgeous......exiting time Lauren...:)~X~


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