Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the doodle formula

one of my favorite scrapbloggers, adrienne looman, published a book earlier this year and i have been looking for it off and on since spring! i've searched online, i've tried scrapbooking/crafty type stores, i've been to borders a few times...all to no avail. and then, the other day, i was standing in line at michaels* and there it was, starin' at me from right across the aisle, the doodle formula!!!

i was expecting it to be mostly photos of adrienne's lusciously color-saturated, whimsically doodle-embellished layouts, with a few tips and techniques scattered throughout; but there is actually quite a bit of text in the course of these 31 pages, including lots of step-by-step intructions backed up with concrete examples, and of course loads of fab hand-drawn illustrations! however, i suspect this is one of those books that you need to hold in your hands and look through before buying, because i think it's a book you'll either used constantly or not at all, and that just totally depends on whether it speaks to you or not.

i definitely got TONS of inspiration from it (as i absolutely ALWAYS do from adrienne's work!) and even picked up some great practical pointers. oh yeah, and already i made this page in my art journal using ideas from the book, combined with my own love of vintagey bits, scraps, loads of rub-ons!

(ek success circle punches in several sizes; 7 gypsies dotted circle stamp; prima paper bird; page from a vintage book; patterned paper scraps: basic grey, paper co, making memories, scenic route, plus bits from catalogs, maps & photos, rub-ons: scenic route, making memories, creative imaginations; zigwriter pen, colorbox ink)

*because one always stands in line at michaels'...for AT LEAST five minutes...even if there is no one else in the entire store! and it's not just my local michaels', either, it's every branch i have ever been to. *WHY* is that?! does anybody know??!? if you happen to be a michaels' representative, and you are reading this, please take note: those three aproned dynamos who are always busy sorting the foam shapes with such vigor in aisle 17 would be better employed AT THE CASH REGISTER, ok?!! thank you! ahem. sorry, i had a bit of a rant there. i hope i didn't embarrass you, michaels' representative. other than that you are doing a very nice job, honestly!


  1. that is such a cool book. I want to find it too. Totally agree with you about Michaels.

  2. That page is just gorgeous and very Laurenish!!! Am now off to check out that blog...
    Can't help you with the Michaels thing though...we don't have them here. though from all the times they are mentioned in the blogs that I read I wish we did....if you ever get hold of that rep you could tell them they need to open stores in Australia, preferably Epping in Sydney!!!!

  3. Love how this has come out :)

    So relazing just doodling away!!

  4. LOOOVELY!! I wish I could doodle like that :)

  5. Lauren,
    I LOOOOVE the layout!!! The colors are gorgeous and the doodling is fantastic. Thanks for pointing me to Adrienne's blog.

  6. It's now 2015 and nothing has changed at Michaels (and Joanns). Not only is there very few papercrafting items amongst all that Dollar-Store quality JUNK, there's never anyone on the floor to help you (not even in the foam shapes) or at the registers. If they ARE at the registers, there usually only a maximum of two for the 10-12 people patiently waiting in line. My question is WHY ARE MOST PEOPLE SO PATIENT? I go directly to the "office" and scream for most checkers.


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