Friday, September 12, 2008

operation 36: COLLECTIONS

ok, so last week's paper adventure prompt from elise was, and i quote,

"What do you collect?"

which gave me a few choices. i have quite a few art supplies, as well you know, and loads of books...but i don't really consider those collections...more like necessities. (hey--some of us are needier than others, ok?!) :) i *do* collect some other types of vintage-paper-based goodness, such as travel booklets, and funeral home fans... (here is an explanation of that one, in a blogpost from last summer!) ...but by far my biggest, longest-lasting and most passionate collection is postcards. i have A LOT of postcards. i don't know how many, and since i'm slightly afraid to count, why don't you g'head and choose a random that seems like waaaaay too many postcards for one person to own....and then double it...which i suspect will get you distressingly close!

but instead of discussing *quantity*, for this page i decided to go back to the beginning of my collection, and document the very first card i bought for myself, aged about eight, on a family vacation. it was love at first sight...and still is!

(reduced scan of my very first postcard, printed on kodak premium photo paper; cardstock: paper co; patterned paper & cardstock arrow: basic grey; rub ons: ki & american crafts; rubber stamps: k&co; ink: colorbox)

text reads, "the very first item in my postcard collection, bought with 10 cents of allowance money, in the poconos, circa 1972; start of a lifelong obsession with paper & & text...this is...CARD ZERO!"

ps: you may notice our little friend the paper pieced deer making a second appearance in as many posts--i actually had this entire PA page planned (but not assembled) and the journaling written down when i found the pattern and made the card below...but then i thought, "well hey! there's a coincidence!" and decided to bring him back for a triumphant encore!!!


  1. are a true collector if you still have your first postcard ever...and from so long ago ;)
    that is actually one cute card and the reappearance of the deer makes me wonder if you have changed your bird obsession to a deer one????? Perhaps on the next fabulous lauren creation we could have both??????
    now i know you have such a collection i will send you an awesome dinosaur p/c i brought at the Australian Museum a little while question is do you like them in mint condition or written on? cause I'd hate to write on it if you like em in *collectors*! let me know and I'll get it in the post asap. i could probably rustle up a couple of *sydney* ones too if you're interested :)

  2. What I want to know is why a small baby would have pocket money??? ;-)

  3. Ive collected so many things over the years and I still have quite a few of them.....

    But I will say my small collection of giraffes is now my favourite.

  4. I am impressed with your PC collection!

    I love your cute deer too. I made some cards with October Afternoon dp and the sentiment "to a deer friend". I went to post it and I accidentally deleted the pic. And I'd already taken that set of cards to G'berry's. Ugh. Perhaps I'll make another set.


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