Monday, September 22, 2008

nevermind the mollusks

but here's a crustacean for you:
OOF, sorry! wrong photo... (tho admittedly the subject of that pic is known for crabbiness, so it's a common mistake! also, in this case, she is rather *cold*; it was chilly, folks--not to mention windy! yikes!) ...but, here's an actual CRAB:

cute, isn't he? (or she? if so, i do apologize madam!)

we have just had a lovely (if brief) excursion to the seaside, or as we say, here in new jersey, "down the shore"! (whether the beach one is assaying lies north, south, or in this case, due east, the expression holds!)

despite the brevity of our stay (overnight with a bit of extra daylight on friday & saturday) we managed to complete the entire bergoldian beach visit checklist, which consists of:
1. posing for silly ocean-n-me photos (see above)
2. forcing helpless beach wildlife to pose for photos (and again...times two)
3. playing miniature golf (see below)

4. gloating insanely about playing miniature golf at a PIRATE THEMED miniature golf course on INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!! (see below) (note: this is a new entry for the 2008 checklist, but i am hoping it also makes it in subsequent years!) (arrrrrr!)

6. riding bikes on the boardwalk

7. eating fried clams (lauren only)
8. sunbathing (jeff only) (did i mention it was *cold*?! and quite windy?!?!? it was sunny, though, and my husband is a determined man: when he is set on subathing, by golly HE SHALL SUNBATHE!!!)
9. taking random artsy photos and then photoshopping the heck out of them on the ride home

all in all, not a bad way to celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss, eh?!



  1. 23 years! Pshaw, you really were a child bride weren't you?

  2. Not bad at all! Here's to another 23 years of bliss!


    ps. Are you SURE you got your sums right? Isn't marriage illegal for minors in your state??

    pps. Yes, that was a blatant and ok, pretty poor, attempt to out-schmoozle (I have no idea but I couldn't think of the word I was trying to think of) Trashy. And I realise I failed .... :*

  3. I simply don't believe it!! Can you see what she did there?? She only went and pipped me to the schmoozling post!!

    I meant her last comment of a few days back when she was awarded that fabulous trophy! And she's only gone and done it again ....


  4. Wow, 23 years! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations to you and LHJ on your anniversary....that's a wonderful achievement!
    btw: Australians also say that we are going "down the beach" regardless of point of origin...strange linguistic quirk...may have to investigate further....
    PS: am insanely jealous re the pirate mini golf....LHJ looks as though he is concentrating intensely! but you didn't say who won.....

  6. ♥♥♥ Congrats and best wishes for many more years of wedded bliss! ♥♥♥

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and LHJ! I didn't know it was legal to marry that young. I guess the laws are different in NJ? Anyway, in Maryland (okay, I now live in VA, but I was born in D.C. and raised in MD), we say, "Goin' down the ocean, Hon?"


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