Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I to the N to the ING (list)

"no thanks, i think i'll wait for the CHOCOLATE biscuit boat!"*

i thought it might be nice to share a few things i am enjoying right now!

game over by cynthia harrod-eagles. this is the 6th or 7th (i think) of the clever bill slider police prodceurals, but unlike some series that get a bit stale after a while, i still love the characters and am completely drawn in by the tight plotting and humor; plus i am 50 pages from the end and have NO IDEA whodunnit--gotta love that, right?!

the colour of blood by declan hughes, a hard-boiled irish detective story centered on homemade porn, a kidnapping, (maybe) a present-day murder, (definitely) and a crime from the past which may or may not be more complicated than it seems. some mornings, i kind of almost wish my drive to work was a bit longer! (almost!)

young@heart, one of the quirkiest, most charming documentaries i've seen in quite some time, this tale of a rockin' senior chorus is totally absorbing and the music is utterly unique!

that the closer and burn notice are in the final week of their season. (though of course it's such a new & wonderful phenomenon to even HAVE fresh summer telly that i feel a bit bad whining about it!)

ali edwards' life artist. i liked her first two books, and no disrespect to the talented artists who contributed to them, but this one is ALL ali: her words, her art, her philosophy, her voice. there are great ideas (& great advice!) on every page; i had to give up my usual procedure of marking my favorite pages with postie notes...i was causing a paper shortage!

some projects for a special design team gallery for CAARDVARKS' next challenge, which starts saturday, september 20th! (can't wait to show you what i've made!)

my best "shiver me timbers" and "yo ho ho" and "avast, landlubbers!" in order to better enjoy international talk like a pirate day on friday! (i have missed it two years in a row.) (never again.) (arrrrrgh!)

my lucky stars that i pretty much wake up at the same time in the morning NO MATTER WHAT...because apparently...i forgot to turn on my alarm clock last night!!! (remind me of this when i whine about being up at 7am onna saturday, ok?!!)

*in case you are wondering what this photo has to do with the rest of the post the answer is an emphatic, "NOT A THING!" it's just that when i had finished typing, all those words looked a bit lonely without a pic...but i couldn't find anything that i loved AND that matched inna hurry (this last bit being the vital point) and i had just run an "i can has cheezburger" photo yesterday...so i went with the biscuit boat. plus, let's face it, you don't get all that many opportunities to USE a biscuit boat picture in the ordinary course of papercrafts bloggin'...anyway...if you were lookin' for SENSIBLE you'd hardly keep showing up *HERE* now, would you??! :)


  1. Does the choc. biscuit boat come by complete with a glass of luvverly cold milk?

  2. oh wow, I never read the caption. I thot it was a bandaid boat!!! Now it makes more sense! (not!)

  3. btw, thanks for the comment yesterday! I've been thinking the same thing, about taking it easy, its just that I am the impatient sort too...

    : .)

  4. When I saw the preview for Young@Heart it almost brought me to tears ... gotta see that one.


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