Friday, September 5, 2008

workin' for a living

(cue cheesey huey lewis segue!)

(ok...thanks, huey...see ya in another 20 years, ok?)

so i bet you're wondering what the connection is between huey lewis and the new CAARDVARKS challenge, aren't ya?! well, technically speaking, there isn't one. just an overlapping of titles, between said 80's band single and our latest assignment: WORKING FOR A LIVING. yep, in honor of the american labor day weekend just past, you can choose between making a card which relates to an occupation...OR...making a card which incorporates office supplies. there is a rather nice surprise prize from scrapbook express for the winner. (it's actually a $25 gift certificate...some secrets are just too cool to keep, ok?!) and the design team have, as always, worked for their living by creating some rather nice examples to inspire you!

wanna see my card?
(might as well g'head & say yes...b/c you know i'm gonna show you anyway!)

i went with the "office supplies" option, and managed to incorporate quite a few items into my design, including: notebook and ledger paper, a vintage timecard, staples, masking tape, and a really funky old "union dues" card that i found in a box of postcards i bought at a garage sale! (it's the green bit i've used for the leaves.)

(hambly tranparency; creative imaginations lace cardstock; notebook and ledger paper; vintage timecard & union card; autumn leaves & technique tuesday ruberstamps; mambi & jewelcraft gems; michaels epoxy stickers; making memories brads; prima tiny florals; other: zigwriter pen, colorbox inks, staples, masking tape, foam tape)

and now it's your turn! get to work on your own fantabulous creation, and post it to CAARDVARKS by midnight, september 18th for a chance at the goodies!


  1. Aw Lauren...This is to die for !!!!it`s `Gorgeous` I love it....must get round to joining in with this one!!!
    Have a great Weekend..:)~X~

  2. LOVE THIS....all the flowers are superb. Love that clear card too. Very cool! Off to email you.....

  3. Oooo, what an AWESOME card Lauren! I LOOOOOOVE it!

  4. Love how you combined all of these fun 'working' goodies into such a fabulous floral masterpiece.


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