Sunday, September 14, 2008


...all our troubles DID seem quite far away, actually! we spent a delightful day with lovely husband jeff's parents, celebrating his mom's birthday.

LHJ & mama pose with an unidentified woman who is glad that her roots are being done on wednesday, and wonders if those tooth-whitening-strip-thingies really work?

we tried out mom's new digital camera*, we had a wonderful lunch at iron hill brewery, we drove out to a local dairy farm for ice cream**, we had a tour of the majestic parental gardens, we watched a teeny, tiny, exceedingly handsome ruby-throated hummingbird fly about snacking on flower nectar and insects!!!

this is not OUR hummingbird, since we foolishly did not think to grab EITHER of the two excellent digicams sitting within arm's reach during said hijinks; this is a stuntbird, borrowed from birds-n-blooms' website for illustrative purposes

we caught up on all the family news, and we came home with a lifetime supply of freshly-picked acorn squashes the size of fireplace logs! in fact the only thing non-delightful about the entire day was the drive*** which got me to wondering, yet again:

it's ~2008~ already

where the heck is my

FLYIN' CAR???!?!

to that end, i am starting a petition that those lovely swiss boys stop messing about with their blackholes and get to work on something practical! by which, of course i mean a star-trek-style transportational device allowing us to *beam* back and forth to the in-laws' in safety and comfort without traversing I-95 in such an ungainly**** manner. c'mon lads! there's a lovely trophy in it for you!!!

*LHJ's dad is hilarious when it comes to technology: he occasionally asks us for advice/help in learning a new program or system or, in this case, how to upload pics from a digital camera. we oblige, and 10 minutes into the procedure it becomes apparent that not only does he understand the entire procedure perfectly well, he is actually *FAR* more expert than jeff & i put together! when taxed with such a suspicion he will say, with a smile, "well, i just wanted to make sure i was on the right track!" :)

**afterwards, we got to meet the cows--now THAT is fresh ice cream!!!

***two hours + each way; which is a bit long for those of us with back issues.

****and in my case downright WHINEY! (sorry, honey!)


  1. LHJ clearly gets his good looks from his mama!
    i'm glad you had a nice day...but i am sooooo with you on the flying car, or the immediate beam-like transportational thingy...tell them i'll kick in and give them a lovely handmade card to go with the trophy...surely that should convince them we're serious :)

  2. You crazy mad fool! You look simply gorjus dahling! (as does LHJ and LM-i-L, obviously).

    If the trophy of which you speak is like the one Trahy won last time, then I'll come up with said transportational device!


    ps. Why that Trashy! If she's really getting that prize then I at least want to be at the awards ceremony ....

  3. .... who is this Trahy?? And does she really need Mr C forcing shiny things on her? I think not ....


  4. Hooray! An actual picture of you up close, no sunglasses, or a profile pic. Just you and your devastating beauty :)

    I always enjoy your posts. You write so well and you are so entertaining. I love, love, LOVE your blog, and I love you!

  5. LOVE your photo!! Absolutely beautiful :)

    You don't know HOW many times I've dreamed of a transporting device of some kind. Who needs to waste all that precious time driving for pete's sake. They need to talk to Willy Wonka and figure out how to get it done without making you too tiny.


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