Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"i LOVE this card!" she said, modestly

it all started when i saw these nature scene paper piecings in scrapbooks etc, magazine (the link takes you to an online version of the article, complete with patterns! ta v much, SBE!!!) i was particularly enchanted by the sweet fawn. i've been seeing some really adorable deer-themed products on layouts recently... (like these cute stamps!) ...and wondering whether i would really *USE* such things should they ever happen to be in stock whilst i was shopping...and then suddenly there was a print-n-cut baby deer pattern right in my hand, practically AUDITIONING to be on my mom's birthday card! what could a girl do except put on her best william powell-broadway-empresario voice and say, "hey kid--i'm gonna make you a star!"

(patterned paper basic grey, prima; tree & deer piecing patterns scrapbooks etc; flowers: prima; diecut felt: queen&co; gems: mambi; pearls: kaiser kraft; fancy pants chipboard frame used as a template; mcgill butterfly punch; other: foam tape, diamond glaze, colorbox inks)

some might feel i've gone a little bit overboard on pattern-mixing here, even for me! i said above, this is a birthday card for my mother, who is an avid seamstress and quilter. she and i have often discussed the fact that although we work in completely different media... (i cannot sew and have no desire to learn; she can't believe anyone would settle for dull old *paper* when fabric is so much more tactile!) ...we often approach things in similar way. so i'm pretty confident that if my mom was choosing FABRIC to quilt a little deer, a tree, and some butterflies in a woodland scene, she would choose a soft and subtle tan print, a more dramatic brown trunk, a leafy-theme for foliage, and some mid-sized pink-n-green goodness, rather than plain/unpatterned tan, brown, green and pink. because i think we both genuinely *prefer* the patterned version...and also...there's a fairly good chance that neither of us OWN enough solid colors to do a whole scene! there you have it folks--genetics in action!

oh yeah, and in the interests of full disclosure, i feel i should admit that the greeting inside the card DOES in fact read, "happy birthday, mother dear!" (aw, c' HAD to be done!!!)


  1. 'I have a terribly clever friend' she said, not all modestly!

    I am all for the use of pattern where 'they' say solids would be good. To see this mixing of patterns in action have a look at 'Melly & Me', even though they are fabric bods.

  2. You should be very proud of yourself "Deer" ;)

    Very pretty and I am sure your Mum will love every single thing about it :)

  3. {and let me say it too!}

    oh deer! such an amazing card! you're also way smart! I like all your words as much as I like your art!!!

  4. OMG...i am *almost* stunned speechless by the sheer perfection of this is simply DIVINE!!! every single element is just ....well, perfect. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!! I can't stop looking at it and am going to save the pic into my card designs folder to *borrow* at a later date :)
    btw: i think that CFCD is a *real* disorder...though the pearls in the centres of your flowers make me think that it's not such a bad one to have :)

  5. You are the greatest! This card is beautiful. It is so not a simple job to create such beauty with many prints and once again your vision makes it stunning.
    Thank you for your kind words. You are truely an inspiration and your site not only inspires, it educates, challenges and amuses the "inner artist" in me. debb

  6. `Gorgeous` card Lauren...hope you and yours are well:)~X~

  7. The card is fantatic. I love the bold colours. You made it work brilliantly!! Hope your mom loves it :)

  8. I was hoping for some punny reference to that sweet deer - you did not disappoint! Beautiful card!

  9. Wonderful. AMAZINGLY beautiful. Love it too!


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