Saturday, February 9, 2008

operation 06: COLOR!!!

hooray, it's paper adventure time again!
and this week's assignment was
here's what elise had to say:

"This week, channel color. Write about, or think about, or sing about your relationship with color. Or your inability to see color. Or how you hate all color. Or how you live for color. Think about what colors you are drawn to. About the colors you wear. The colors you choose to have in your home."

i realized fairly quickly that by far my strongest feeling about color is that i need ALL of them--every single one! there may be colors i like more than others, or color combinations i use more than others, or colors i would never, EVER, wear...but to me, there are NO "extra" colors! from there i started thinking about the spectrum, and the phrase "ROY G. BIV is my best friend" popped into my head...and stayed there!

i had the idea of bits cut from magazines right away, and strips pretty soon after. i was planning to make a more traditional collage...with lots of coordinating embellishments for each color...and the phrase running across the collage...but somehow the strips didn't want to become a collage, they wanted to stay separate, and furthermore, they wanted to stay PLAIN. from there the white background, white chipboard, and black outlined letters just fell into place.

since there are seven 1.25"strips in my spectrum, and my book is only 8" long, i decided on a fold-out page. i thought about decorating--or writing on--the folded over bit, but once you go minimalist, the idea of leaving things *plain* seems more and more appealing. (i know, i know...*I* can't believe it's ME saying that, either!!!) plus i love the way a teeny tiny bit of the plain white letters shows above the flap.

but then, when you open the page, you've got all the colors of the spectrum

in all their glossy glory!


(photos cut from magazines; heidi swapp chipboard letters; ki memories alphabet rub-ons)


  1. Wow, very creative and appealing

  2. This is SOO AWESOME Lauren!
    I LOVE IT!
    GREAT job woman!

  3. Wow Lauren, this is great, love what you did with the strips! Although I have no idea who Roy G. Biv is..... I love the whole page, great idea to fold it over and leave that part blanc!

  4. Good glory, this is great!! I especially love Lady Liberty in there! xo

  5. WOOOWW this is GORGEOUS!
    Totally FAb idea!!

  6. This is so cool ... especially that big picture of yellow Iowa corn ... Roy G Biv is my friend too.

  7. roy g biv LOL
    i guess he's mine too although there was a time when this was not so &only recently in my wardrobe.
    (now here's where my mind goes - Roy...the original mickey mouse club... ah... you're too young LOL.... )
    now that is one cool little page extended (i love extended)
    just a lovely design missy!

  8. Lauren ! What a great phrase ! Blog surgery ! I just might use it too ! hey ho ! Yes love what you've done with the latest Paper Adventure prompt ! Love your diverse style in papercrafting ! very inspiring ! I will be so honored that you think of lifting my card ideas ! No worries ! Do go ahead ! lol

    It's Chinese New Year season here in Sunny Singapore & I'm so miffed that I've gone MIA myself from my own blog ! I havent quite put an end to my first card challenge ! hmm double hmmm !

    hugs ! Pearl

  9. This is amazingly creative! You are soooo talented, my artsy friend:)

  10. eeeeeek!!! this is my most favorite card you have made!!! so so so sweet, i love the images you used, they look darling...i want to squeeze those little baby toes:)

  11. fabulous use of colour.

    I'm all about the ROYGBIV [I don't know him personally and therefore don't fell free to address him so informally ;-) ].

    Last year I had a thing for beads in that colourway. *sigh* I love it.

  12. Beautiful idea.
    Mine ws finally completed Sunday & Im going to blog it along wtih this weeks when its finished. I have been ill since I got back from my fab weekend retreat & have missed the two Caardvark themes! Love your baby card. I had those stickers for a newborn minibook I was asked to make. Never thought to use them on a card!
    Im busy bloggin all my entries in each of the teams cj's!


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