Thursday, February 28, 2008

hello, kitties!

here is a random scan of a postcard i got at the hello kitty store in times square. what??! you did not know there was a hello kitty store in times square? ah, bien sur! also an m&m's store...and an mtv store...and a toys-r-us with a full-sized ferris wheel inside the store. nope, i'm not kidding.

i wonder if some new yorkers prefer the *old* times square, with its vast array of adult theaters, massage parlors, and the many colorful characters who frequented them? disney was one of the first companies to open a "straight" business nearby, perhaps 15 years ago. i've always imagined two of the "old school" business proprietors sitting in a seedy bar, hearing about their new neighbors for the first time. "oh geez," one must've said to the other, "there goes the neighborhood." "yeah," the other would've agreed, "there's no goin' back once THAT ELEMENT starts takin' over!" :)


  1. What DON'T they have there?! LOL

  2. Well .... I have to say .... it's not as good as one of yours ....

    .... I guess it's kinda cute though ....


  3. Wow, I totally love this!!! And no, I didn't know, but then, I don't live there but in VERY COLD SNOWY CANADA:-((( Geez, I would love to see those stores, specially that big ferris wheel, wouldn't my girls love that!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, made me blush!!

  4. Very cute post card - my sister loves anything hello kitty :)

  5. Haha I didnt know Hello Kitty is still in ! I would love to shop in NY one of these days ! lol

  6. Hi Lauren.....
    I just like to think I look good for my age!!!!!rofl...thank goodnes for the Photoshop Pro!!!!it does wonders for my piccie!!!!I ironed out all me wrinkles...cant get rid of me saggy chin
    Glad you didnt fall off your chair I wouldnt want you injuring yourself now !!!over
    Have a great Day:)x

  7. did ya get my email? sorry i am posting this here, but my gmail has been a little funny and i'm not sure if you heard from me or is available still and you can click on my sidebar to get there:)


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