Wednesday, July 1, 2009

did i mention the cake??

wegmans' ultimate chocolate cake, that is. we had a (small one) yesterday. it was here when i got home from work. i'm not sure why.

also puzzling, when i woke up yesterday morning, i found this:

i'm thinking the two may have been connected.
but what does it MEAN??

the lovely june made me a gorgeous card...

...and sent *GOODIES* i cannot wait to play with!!!!!!

my friend barb found a gorgeous vintage leatherbound edition of dante gabriel rossetti's collected poems at a flea market:

(my friend cheryl, on the other hand, found "pride & prejudice & zombies" at borders. what does it say about me that i love both, pretty much equally??!)

there were also a lot of cards and phone calls and emails, and a few more presents, (including divine origins' GINGER goodies!) then, for dinner, there were baby lambchops in a bordelaise sauce with rosemary potatoes and steamed asparagus. (my favorite!!!)

apparently, a whole lotta people are under the impression that i was

did i mention the cake??

(a smart--& perhaps less greedy--girl would've snapped a photo whilst it was INTACT. i am not that girl.)

♥♥♥ thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved in what may well have been the best birthday ever!!!!! ♥♥♥


  1. Ooooh!! Happy belated birthday, sweet thing!!

  2. What??!!!! I missed your birthday??!!!!!!!! Happy Belated sista....I hope you had a most spectacular day!!!!

  3. Another commenter here to say...

    What??!!!! I missed your birthday??!!!!!!!

    (YIKES, that is about the WORST thing I've done ALL YEAR!!!)

    Glad you had a fabulous day :)

  4. pshaw! you kept that very quiet Missus!!!!! Etiquette dictates that you should gove me at least four weeks notice so that I may programme my manual blackberry (ie my brain).
    Glad you had such a triffic day I wish you many happy returns retrospectively :-)

  5. Hey, Happy Birthday! The cake looks amazing! Hope you had a great day!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great day!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Lauren!!! Doncha know your are supposed to drop hints for a few weeks to let some of us slower folks catch on?! ;-)
    So glad you had a great day!

    (-: heidi

  8. Oh, yea! I am so glad you had a wonderful day yesterday...and that my package arrived on time :)

    Happy Birthday week, Sweetie!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Sorry if I had known I woulda sent you a birthday lovelies! :)

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Yummmmmmy cake and goodies.... Glad you had a great day!

  11. Okay, here's the deal...I purposefully waited until today, July 2nd to wish you a very Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday, Lauren!) to stretch, so to speak, the celebratory glow. Hope it worked.


  12. I am a very sad and pathetic friend...I forgot! I could have made some excuse...but I think it's better to be honest, even when it makes me look BAD...LOL!!!
    I popped something in the mail for you yesterday...that will help prolong the birthday glow for :)

  13. OMG!!!!How rude of me to miss your B`day Lauren...
    Sounds like you had a fab Day!!!
    `Happy Belated` B`day...
    I wish you all you wish yourself and more:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Well I'm certainly running behind! I hope you had a fabulous day (sure does sound like it!) and that you'll have many, many more!


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