Thursday, July 9, 2009

more goodies!

birthday ones, that is! dontcha just looooooove it when your birthday lasts more than a day?! i do, that's for sure!

here's a gorgeous card from kristie, with basic grey butterflies & layered felt flowers & my favorite shade of bright pink. i LOVE it, can you tell?! thanks, kristie!!!

this one is from leslie (my sister in word verification hijinks!) i'm waaaaaaay diggin' the adorable owl...not to mention the hilarious sentiment...and do you see that cool branch of leaves? they are texturey AND dimensional! seriously fabulous, leslie, i smile every time i look at it!

and then there's miss stephanie, who just always KNOWS what i want...quite often before i do! she not only chose some AWESOME sentiment stamps for me... (which i *totally* need...i never buy enough, a fact i usually notice when i go to send the card i made 2 weeks ago and suddenly discover it has nothing INSIDE it!!!) ...she also shared her coveted curly girl stuff with me...AND packed it all up in one of the awwwwwwesome stamped-window gift bags she made for our last caardvarks challenge!

can a birthday girl get ANY LUCKIER??! noooooooooooooo siree, i don't think so! many many thanks to all of my lovely friends, i am pretty sure i had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!! :)


  1. you ARE one lucky duck...quack!

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    Girly friends are the best!!!! They sure know how to spoil a girl!

  3. thank you for the opportunity to actually SEND one of the cards I made. ;-)

  4. I wanna wish you a happeeeee b-day! These cards are the best b-day cards evah, and I think they should be recycled for my b-day on August 12(!?!). Snicker. Seriously, they are fab and so is your blog and so you have a happy day! (Take a chance. Then take another. I LOVE that! I mean LOVE that!)

  5. You are well loved, girlfriend.

    I received your monsta card today...LOVE it!!! I'll probably CASE this one too :)

    I hope all your birthdays are the best ever.


  6. I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad you had the best birthday ever! I hope that every year just gets better and better!
    ps: that card of Leslie's is awesome!!!!!


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