Friday, July 24, 2009

52Q: 23 (kinder)

back at 52Q-hq i am still drivin' the bus that goes
to caught-up-tonia.
(beeeep! beeeeeeeeeeeeep!) :)
welcome to the latest stop:

question 23: how can i be kinder to myself?

(digital supplies: chandelier brushes from scrap-n-fonts; brickwall (re-colored pink) & distressed edge from broderbund printshop; fonts: ck typewriter & pea stacy doodle script)

if you were around these parts in january, you may remember that the final entry of last year's journalling project, (elise blaha's awesome PAPER ADVENTURE!*) was entitled, "resolutions" and that mine was rather relevant to the topic at hand. i thought it was sort of fun to re-visit this...particularly as we've just passed the halfway point of the year...and see how i am doing. thus, i made a slightly smaller version of the paper adventure page to remind myself of my resolution!

treat ♥YOURSELF♥ as nicely as you treat others, darlings!!!

(it's the OTHER golden rule!)

*the full archive of my paper adventure pages is still up on flickr...i'm not sure for how long...i'm getting close to my picture limit for the free account and not too keen on shelling out for "pro"...


  1. i am a great believer in being 'self-ish' b/c if you can't look after yourself how can you look after anyone else?

  2. ♥♥thud♥♥ I love this...and NOT just for the reminds me how much alike we are :) Good for you for saying no...I gotta do that more often and quit beating around the bush and just say things...sigh...thanks for my chandie fix for the day sista...have a super weekend!!!

  3. Great chandelier, fabulous fonts and the perfect colour combo!!! This is gorgeousness itself :)
    Saying "no" is hard...but essential. I hope that by the end of the year you can say that this year you were kinder to yourself than ever before!

  4. Oh, I think **I need** a chandelier stamp...

    Oh, yeah, I have trouble saying "no"; I want to please everyone, which is impossible, but I keep trying. I started saying "no" to a few things this year, but I have a long way way to go :)

    I love the pink and black, the chandelier, and the distressed edges and font. Pretty!

  5. Well, this is GORGEOUS! But I also like the message, definitely something I need to work on! I usually wait until I am so stressed out and overworked that I have no choice but to say no. Hmmm, maybe I should try it BEFORE I get to that point! lol!

    (-: Heidi


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