Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shortcuts: your smile

here's a card with which i'm not 100% happy, but i think in the future when we look back and ask, "where did lauren's obsession with combining rub-ons and stitching on acetate begin?" this will be considered "CARD ZERO". because i can see the vast and wonderful possibilities in this realm, my friends, and i've hardly scratched the surface.

(shortcuts frosted full sheet; colorbok chipboard frame & flower (thanks, june!!!); patterned paper & small florals: prima; rub-ons: my mind's eye; velvet flower & small stick-on gems: k&co; fancy brad: paper studio; plain mini-brad: queen & co; stick-on pearls: kaiser)

i made the card out of an 8.5 x 11" frosted sheet from shortcuts* and hand cut the central window with scissors after tracing the cute chipboard frame's opening. i attached a piece of clear acetate (from a potential card which went awry) to the back of the chipboard frame with tombow's "power bond" mono-adhesive runner and embellished it with rub-ons before gluing the completed window to the card.

i drew some simple flourish shapes on a piece of scrap paper, and when i had a design i liked, i used it as a pattern to punch holes in the frosted sheet with a paper piercer. in order to avoid "carrying" thread across the swirly design (or having to end off repeatedly) i used the holbein stitch, which also has the virtue of looking almost exactly the same from the front or the back. (in this case, you can *see* the stitching on the inside of the card, so appearance was a factor.) after running the end of the thread back through my work to secure it, i tacked the end neatly with a tiny drop of diamond glaze.

i can see this technique easily and quickly becoming a mini-obsession of mine...so i apologize in advance for its overuse! don't say you weren't warned, ok?! :)

*i cut the card down to the 5 x 6" size you see here after i had completed all the stitching. i realize this seems wasteful, but having found with the "home sweet" card how much the plastic wants to bend during stitching, i recommend starting large for increased stability whilst you work!


  1. check you out sista....starting a new trend....love the stitching...

  2. Eeh don't know what's wrong with it, I love it!! Wouldn't mind finding that one in my mailbox LOL
    Great work girl!!

    The stitching is AMAZING.
    No apology needed if we get to see more of this :)

  4. This is flippin' fabulous!

  5. Lauren,

    This is really original and I can see it popping up on blogs all over the place within weeks. Well done,


  6. Stitching on acetate? Whoda thunk it? You are da man!!! You are my one true card making idol. Yeah, I got lots of other faves... lots of amazingly talented gals out there...but YOU, my friend, are a mega superstar!!! I seriously don't know why you are not entirely happy with this card because it made my jaw drop open when I saw it on my blog reader. And I'm NOT just saying that because you are my friend or because I think it is what you want to hear. It's true!

  7. First let me say your card is gorgeous!! The stitching is awesome. Second - thanks for the belly laugh today with your comment on my blog :0)

  8. holy SHITTAKE Lauren..love it!

  9. I have no idea why you're not completely happy with this one...my jaw dropped too when I first saw it!
    I predict that you have started a new trend and it will be all over blogland in a matter of days :) Of course I'll be able to say that I knew you before you became a world famous SUPERSTAR of the crafty community ;)
    I just LOVE everything about this card...especially that cute sentiment...perfect for a congratulations card!!!!

  10. I don't think I will ever tire of your stitching ... I swear, I am going to get a needle and thread and try some myself ... it sooooo rocks ♥♥

  11. You cwazy! All that stitching, hand cutting, mind bending detail work! Of course I think I'm just jealous.... Even though I don't go much for 'cute' - THIS rocked my socks! :)

  12. Okey, dokey - one more vote for FAB-OO! What's not to like?! I'm lovin' that frosted acetate. Must.get.some ...


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