Friday, July 3, 2009

mr. fix-it...fixes (a very fancy) dinner

those of you who've been around the old blogstead a while will be aware that lovely husband jeff's loveliness includes the ability (& willingness) to repair a bewildering variety of items, an affinity for tools, the happy knack of translating written instructions into lauren-friendly language, and a completely puzzling (to me) enjoyment of of cooking.* in fact, 90% of our meals are "LHJ productions" with a further 7% being takeaway, and 2.5% consisting of foraging in the fridge for haphazard edibles. very occasionally (.05%) *I* am called to microwave something. i am fairly sure even the microwave dreads this. :)

the other night LHJ decided to assay a recipe from one of the touristy mags we acquired whilst in myrtle beach. (apparently, to cooks, new recipes are like new art supplies to the crafty: alive with possibilities and excitement. go figure.) now, we eat well, in these parts, there is no denying it, but we're not what you call *fussy* folk. high-falutin' presentations are generally eschewed. so i'd never expect to see something which looks, like...say...this, to show up in front of me on a random monday night:

centerfold, coastal carolina dining summer 2009: "the shrimp issue"

...of course...i could be WRONG...

not to foment jealousy or unrest of any kind, but it actually *TASTED* even better than it looks. sorry, darlings. try to content yourself with the fact that i will never be a size eight again, ok??! :)

*at times like these, my single friends are apt to ask, "does he have a brother??" in fact he does, but said sibling is not single...and perhaps more significantly...not anything like LHJ. best to keep looking.


  1. OMG, what a FABOO creation. I am soooo jealous! No brother woth asking about, I know, so what about First Cousins? Or ANYone you know with these skilz?!?!?! :-)

  2. got yourself a keeper!!!!!!

  3. Why would you ever get take out, when you have LHJ at home???? Oh, I am pea green with envy. DH and I prepare our meals together, but they are very ho-um compared to this! We very much enjoy hi-falutin' cuisine, but we choose to go for simple (as long as it still takes good.)

  4. yum. I have a shrimp grits recipe I make from a light and tasty home mag. Its delicious. I bet yours was too!

  5. Grits? Grits?! Y'all know that is just a word for teeny-weeny bits of dirt and stuff, right?

  6. LOL at Trashy...that's Australians for you! lmbo!!!!
    This may be the biggest difference that I have discovered between the two of us...I LOVE to cook!!! Love, love, love it. In fact, Mama is dreading the day that I get a place of my own, because that means she'll have to go back to cooking for herself :( I have had (to date) THREE marriage proposals from people tasting my cooking for the first of them from my boyfriend at the time's best friend...right in front of my boyfriend...LOL!!! Yes, I am boasting...but there's no point in false modesty :) So there you go...a very big difference amidst all those similarities. I shall have to email my secret brownie recipe to LHJ for your gastronomic pleasure :)

  7. Wow! That looks yummy!!
    Lauren, I'm loving your blog, so funny! And creative!
    And regarding stamping on acetate: believe me, the log card took many, many, many attempts before it looked any good. In a minute I was surrounded of fuchsia stained baby wipes ;)
    Hugs from Uruguay!

  8. Whoa! You lucky, lucky thing you!

    (-: Heidi

  9. Shrimp and grits ... seriously one of my favorite meals. The last time i was in the southeast, I ate it three times in 2 days.

  10. Hmmmmmmmmmm `Yum` `Yum`...
    Gorgeous Miss Lauren.. he`s def a Keeper!!!!!
    I love the sea food diet!!!????
    See it and eat it!!!lol...
    Hope you had a great weekend :) x


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