Friday, July 10, 2009

this is not *MY* celebrity heart-throb...

...but is not *MY* birthday, it's kristie's birthday!* and kristie likes michael buble! (which is convenient since it leaves much more daniel craig for ME!!! ...hehehe...) but i digress, i was telling you how, on kristie's birthday, i thought i should invite along her favorite singer to serenade her on her special day, so here we go:


HAPPPPPPPPY birthday to you!

happy BIRTHdaaaaaaaaaay gorgeous antipodean crafting GODDESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

happy birthday to YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!

awwwwwww! wasn't that a lovely rendition?! he does have a beautiful voice, i must say. of course, a gentleman such as michael would not arrive empty-handed on such an auspicious occasion. ohhhhhhhh no! he'd bring flowers, obviously:

and it'd hardly be a birthday worth the name if there wasn't any CAKE, right??!?!?

mmm...MMM...mmmmmmm! deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious, eh? couldn't you just eat that up?!?


i'm talking about the CUPCAKE, ok?! get yer minds outta the gutter, ladies!!! (except's her birthday, and her she can do what she likes!!!)

finally, michael would close by wishing kristie the happiest birthday EVER...only to be surpassed by the most wonderful year yet! and of course, since it's my blog, i'm gonna chime in with that sentiment and say,


the best *IS* yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now may i suggest that the birthday girl scoot along to miss june's blog...i can't say WHY...but it's jussssssst possible that the birthday celebrations will continue over there... ;)


  1. Oooh Love the pictures!! Thanks for playing!!! It was a BLAST!!

  2. I can't say thank you enough for playing along in this awesome surprise! I had no idea what my tricky sister was planning, but this is sooooooo awesome! Everyone is going to want a blog hop for their birthday now :)
    I love that pic of Michael...if he really called me a *gorgeous antipodean crafting goddess* I think I'd faint....LOL! The flowers and cake are also rather spectacular!
    Thanks again for being such a great friend...I adore my birthday surprise!

  3. Lauren, my friend, this is a spectacular post for a very deserving birthday girl. You had me smiling all the way through :)

  4. LOL! For my bday I want Sean Connery. In a kilt. Please.

  5. now how stinkin' fun is this??!!

  6. YUMMY Michael Buble photo....I could look at him all day! I had so much fun today! {sMILES}

  7. LOVE it! Gorgeous pics and I want to eat......THE CUPCAKE hehe.
    Kristy xo

  8. Yum, yum, YUM....and the pic of the cupcake is nice too!! LOL!! I'm with you on Buble....Craig...well he leaves me a wee cool (sorry to all those Daniel fans out there). I am loving this whole hoppin' thank...too cool.


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