Sunday, June 28, 2009


...a post about myrtle beach...but i haven't finished editing pics yet. i wish i had a stunning new card or completed crafty project...but nooooooo...i've got none o' those, either. all i have for you today is a second-hand cheezburger. but it's a GOOD ONE!

see??! told ya!

new stuff soon.
happy almost-july, darlings!!!

ps: are any other blogger-users having trouble getting stuff to AUTOPOST??! because i am...not all the time... (which is what's so puzzling!) ...but often enough that it's really starting to bug me! i set up a post the night before, it reads "scheduled" in my post list, then the next day, it doesn't post on its own, but when i open it and press "publish" it's FINE! (and yes, i've checked my time zone, it's set to eastern USA, which i am.) any thoughts??! enneebuddee????! :)


  1. fun cheezburger :) I've heard of some other gals having issues with it...I haven't although have you now jinx'd me now? I'm the queen of autopost...Happy Sunday Sista!!

  2. Oh? Is there such a thing as autopost? See, this is why I come here - to learn stuff!

  3. I have read other people with the same problem. Me? I rarely work more than a day ahead, if that, so I don't use the feature much.

    Did you check the blogger Known Problems? They are pretty good about keeping that current. Click on Help when you are signed in anc check for your issue.

  4. LOL, like the double burger!!
    And no problems here with the autopost,works fine for me!!

    Oh, and you must stop by and leave those great comments more often, makes me feel gohoooood!

  5. This is too funny! TFS. Happy almost July to you too :)

  6. Yeppers, I've been having the same problem. Blogger is "working on it." Mmm hmm...

  7. Sorry...can't help with the auto post problem...I write all my posts in Windows Live Writer and save them there if I'm working ahead.
    As for the cheezburger pic...when I saw this one I KNEW you'd love it too. I was laughing so hard that mama came to see what was so funny and that set her off too! Too, too funny!!!!

  8. Ha, this is so cute!

    (-: Heidi


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