Thursday, July 23, 2009

52Q: 28

another day, another 52Q.
(i'm on a roll!)

question 28: what are your favourite days of summer/winter filled with?

(photo of myrtle beach from the internet, photo of jeff & myself by...ummmm...ME! plastique font fom the internet; card formatted in broderbund printshop)

seeing as we've just been on one of our best vacations ever, this was an easy one to answer! i was kind of thrilled to be able to use my favorite photo from the trip...i added a little list of stuff we voila...a super-fast digi-card, and i'm that much closer to caught-up-ville!


  1. This is great...mine are filled with laughter, love, learning, dancing (hopefully) and a glass of fab red vino.

  2. That pic is soooooocool! What a fab shot!

    (-: Heidi

  3. You are a primo example of the mantra I try to live by, "Work smarter, not harder." This sometimes works for me, but often I let my perfectionist side slow me down :)

    I love he photo of you & lhj too :)

  4. I am totally impressed...I am in such a creative rut right now that I am soooooo far behind in this. But I'm not worried...I'll get there eventually :)
    This may be one of the best photos you've ever taken...gorgeous (and not just LHJ...LOL!)


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