Tuesday, July 21, 2009

52Q: 22

remember emily falconbridge's year-long journaling project, 52Q????????! well, you can certainly be forgiven for thinking that *I* had forgotten all about it. i hadn't, actually. but you know the things we do just for ourselves are the first to go when schedules get tight. sad, but true. anyway, i'm back at it, with a bit of catching up to do, so let's get cracking!

question 22: which direction am i going?

(materials, front: anahata katkin clipart hands, sunflower cut from a magazine, heidi swapp ghost clock, ek success dimensional compass, dover butterfly sticker, colorbox inks, manual typewriter; materials, back: 7 gypsies patterned paper, making memories alphabet rub-ons, american crafts bracket stickers, copic super-fine-tip outliner pen)

every time i post about this project at least one person says, "oh i wish i was doing this!" to which i reply:

♥♥♥ DO IT!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

don't worry that we're halfway through the year: you'll either catch up, or, at the very least you will end the year with the answers to SIX MONTHS of interesting questions...where is it written that you have complete every project from start to finish?? (no disrespect, but your mom was WRONG about that!)

don't worry that you're "not an art journaler": yes, this project is intended as such, but you could type your answers in a word document, or write them on index cards, or put them in your diary...whatever...who says an art journaler is one specific thing? who says you're NOT an art journaler, anyway??! (maybe you're just not one *YET*!)

don't worry that you don't know how you'd answer some of the questions: start with a question that piques your interest. do another when you feel like it, and maybe another after that...no one is EVER GOING TO CHECK that you did all the questions, in order! (i PROMISE!!!)

don't worry that you'd feel uncomfortable sharing your answers: some people post theirs to the 52Q flickr group and/or their blogs, some don't. some people--including emily falconbridge--share the side of their card which bears the question, and keep their answers private...whatever feels most comfortable to you is 100% "the right way" to do it! (having said that, i've found the "sharing" part gets easier, and is weirdly liberating!)

all i'm saying is (as someone who spent a big chunk of time psyching myself *OUT* of stuff without even trying it) the next time you think, "oh i wish i was doing that!" whether it be in regard to 52Q...or art journaling...or skydiving(!)...why not let your next question be, "HEY! why am i *NOT* doing that??!"


  1. Ummmm.... would it be okay if I opted out of the skydiving part of it all?

  2. hmmmm....I should be doing that...the art journaling, not the skydiving :) You're absolutely right...it's on my list'ola. Love your take for today! You always have the best way of communicating your answers to the questions...

  3. I got as far as digging out my pack of 52+ playing cards I was hoarding for a project such as this. They still sit, untouched, on my table. :-( If it's okay with you, I'll just read yours. :-)

  4. Yup, I am one of THOSE people sitting hear looking at/reading your fabulous cards thinking how cool would THAT be to do! Alas, you said it best "the things we do just for ourselves are the first to go when schedules get tight"! Unfortunately I will have to admire yours for a while longer and add mine to list of want to dos!

    Yours, BTW, specifically this one are gorgeous! Love the collage! And I love your oh so witty answer!

    (-: Heidi

  5. Okay, now I am hanging my head in shame...I started this project, then stopped after question 5 or so...

  6. This sounds like a great project! I have been saving copies of tutorials of techniques I meant to try but never got round to it...:(

  7. I love seeing your 52Q cards...and this one, as always, is awesome! What a great answer...you are so right! Love it ♥

  8. Great advice, oh wise friend :) I love your responses to the 52Q; you are brilliantly funny and practical.


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