Wednesday, July 15, 2009

busy doing everything but MAKIN' STUFF (arrrgh!)

kelli crowe says every blog post needs a photo...however random & unconnected it is to the post in question...and i agree! :)

you'll have noticed that new creative achievements have been slow to arrive here on at the old blogstead...because i'm even more than usually slow to achieve them! you know how sometimes REAL LIFE just muscles its way in and makes you do loads of BORING stuff when you could be making cards and atc's and fun little projects?!

dontcha just HATE that?!?!?

ah well, i am sure things have to slow down sometime. for now, howsabout i tell ya a few things i am currently enjoying?

listening to: the best american travel writing (ed. by ian frazier) on audiobook. which was particularly appropriate whilst i was...

finishing: the big fat cheater's superfast travel scrapbook from the myrtle beach trip (it just has to be photo-ed...i just have to be home & idle for five minutes during daylight...)

watching: brand new miss marple programs on masterpiece mystery! (much as i love julia mckenzie, i must admit she doesn't exactly embody *MY* mental picture of miss marple...having said that, i do think this series is verrrrrrry good!)

eating: astonishingly good mexican food at los sarapes (chalfont, pa) last night with some of our oldest and dearest friends--both of whom were in our wedding in 1985!!! (awwwwwwwww!!!)

re-reading: to say nothing of the dog by connie willis (a favorite of mine from years ago!) ...having just read three men in a boat by jerome k. jerome (having read thames by peter ackroyd just before THAT) ...i am entirely steeped in victorian era river thames...not at all a bad thing to be in mid-july...

visiting: my mom this afternoon to see her vacation photos from *BRAZIL*!!! (stay tuned to see if there is a suave, sun-tanned, speedo-clad, portugese-speaking 25-year-old stepfather in my future, lol!!!)

voting for: my lovely & amazin' caardvarkian colleague heidi van laar who's in the top 15 over at papercrafts' gallery idol!!!!! woooooooohooooooooo heidi!!! (you GOTTA SEE her latest card!!!) (no seriously...g'head...i'll wait...)

crocheting: (very verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly; see "real life" note above) amigurumi ice cream treats...well, treat, singular...i'm making the sundae at the moment. i've got a scoop and part of a bowl finished. (oh for more hours in the day & more energy to use them!)

looking forward to: the special torchwood miniseries thingie that airs all next week on bbc america (there's a new doctor who the following weekend, as well!) can i get a sciencefictional "WAHEY"??!

so what are *YOU* lovin' right now?!


  1. Not much crafting going on here either...although my kids are leaving for 3 days today. That leaves me with...uh...perhaps some GOOD OPPORTUNITIES???
    I really need to get caught up.

    I'll tell ya what I'm NOT lovin' though. This CRAZY STORMY WEATHER!

    Have a fine day my friend :)

  2. Holy mackerel woman!! How on earth would you ever find time for crafty creations with all THAT going on! I AM rather impressed by all the things you are able to juggle. I am pretty much a one thing at a time girl...but with kids I think that may have developed out of necessity! lol!

    Thanks so much for your exceedingly flattering shout out! U R the best!

    (-: Heidi

  3. Hey!

    I really love your blog! =)

    By the way, are you LlaurenB from Habbo?

  4. I voted for Heidi. I hope she wins. She is awesomely card making gifted. I've been slow too with making things. I know what you mean!

  5. A Torchwood fan! ME TOO! I love my Captain Jack Harkness - hope the miniseries is good, have been waiting so long for new Torchwood.

    You made me almost have Coca Cola come out of my nose about a possible new stepfather! Love this blog!

  6. I'm also loving Heidi's card--brilliant! And I just finished Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes--great book.

  7. Torchwood mini-series???? OH! MY! WORD! is all I can say. CK and I finished watching it last Fiday and we are STILL talking about it!

  8. Jealous...that's the only word to describe me right now. A Torchwood mini-series??? Be still my heart...I adore Captain Jack ♥ I may have complained here before that the station that was showing Torchwood here took it off mid series...thankfully one of the new digital stations has just started showing it from the start...I now love Friday nights...Torchwood and Being Human...the perfect combo.
    Enough about me...all of those things sound completely normal...sometimes it's good to have a break from end up coming back refreshed and more creative than ever :)
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new stepfather....LOL!!!


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