Monday, September 24, 2007

this weekend i......

......went to lunch with a friend; finished up my ball gown; balanced the checkbook; ran errards (grrrrrrrr); cleaned the house (well, mostly); made phone calls; answered (some of my) over-due email; thought of--& made preliminary steps towards--a present to make for niece lindsay's birthday; updated the caardvarks' chipboard gallery (marvelling at the creativity of the international card-makin' community!); IM-ed with pals; worked on wednesday's article for typicalifragilistic; watched torchwood and doctor who; discovered two hilarious new blogs (called vicious chicken and monkee maker; how could you NOT click on something called vicious chicken or monkee maker??!); realized i MISSED international talk like a pirate day (dammit!); went nuts (and i do mean kerrrr-aaaaaaaay-zee!) at the (sad, sad) scrappin' trends closing sale; finished my library book; started another book & didn't like it; started a third book i think i might maybe like; bought, wrapped & bestowed an adorable pair of "ugly dolls"; lost my voice (the cold from hell mutates yet again!); did even more writing, emailing & IM-ing; and finally got to meet this little guy:

aunt lauren & matthew william

big sister madeline

a little lovin'

babies mean presents??! niiiiiiiiice!

look matthew, we've EACH got an ugly doll!

i dunno daddy...i think i like that winnie-the-pooh guy better!

can you guess what my favorite part of the weekend was??!


  1. Sweet baby! What?! Not Prince Eric or Sebastian or Flounder? Can we at least call him Prince Matthew?
    What a sweet boy...makes me wish I could snuggle him too.

  2. Hmmmm...busy weekend, I must say! The Baby & his Big Sis both are so adorable! So, who had his/her way in naming the Baby?!

  3. Oooh wait, I think I know this one - your fave part of the weekend was discovering my blog, right? No? Oh well, suit yourself.

    I'm only kidding, of course. What a gorgeous nephew and neice you have there - how could they not be the best part of any weekend?

  4. Get Lost VC!! Obviously her favourite part of the weekend was MY blog! M comes way before V in the alphabet - therefore I WIN!!!

    Hi Lauren, looks like you have another baby in this post (yep, that would be me!)

    Thanks for the link by the way and have fun being an Auntie again x

  5. Awwwwww! thanks for sharing your precious pics with us, they are so cute!

  6. You certainly do keep busy! Dang girl!!!!
    Awww what SWEETNESS are your niece and nephew!!! Adorable!!
    Hey we're HEAVY into "UGLY DOLLS" over here. My 5 year old LOVES them and can't get enough of them! I love them too. She got her sick sense of humor from me LOL!!!


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