Monday, September 17, 2007

does anyone know a good pachydermatologist?

in writing the title, i realized:
  • i know how to spell "pachyderm" correctly (why?! why would someone whose life is almost entirely elephant-free even know this??!)
  • i do not, however, know how to spell "dermatologist" correctly ...and...
  • even after all these computery years having spell-check, online reference sites, and google... when i need to determine what i do & don't know how to spell...i still, automatically, reach for the (physical, made-outta-dead-trees) dictionary. interesting.

anyway, said elephant was my contribution to jen's fabulous "transparencies" article yesterday on typicalifragilistic. today's piece, by the lovely & talented alecia, is about the wide range of inspirational ideas that can be gleaned from advertising of all kinds, and is well worth reading! (warning: if you will not be in a position to make something immediately afterwards, you might want to wait; i'm slightly peeved to be having lots of cool ideas now, when i have to go to work!)

(elephant clipart printed on inkjet transparency; text from a bengali newspaper; imaginesce patterned paper; creative imaginations rub-ons; jewelcraft gems; glitter glue)

...BUT...can i just say, after a week+ of laying on the floor nursing the back...i am pretty darn excited to be going to work! yeah, even on a monday! (don't worry, i'm sure this will pass quite quickly, once i get there!) :)

which just goes to prove if you ever want to torture a hyperactive person, making them lay around and do nothing is extremely effective! believe me, after about fifteen minutes, they will bend to your will. (i am trusting you, here, to use this newfound info only for good...and never for evil...)

ciao, darlings! happy monday!!!


  1. Awesome card!I read the title and thought hmmm her elephant must have a skin condition!!!

  2. Hmmmm...u seem to be liking the Bengali script quite a bit! As for checking spelling...I would suggest installing wordweb..pretty helpful! The elephant? cool!

  3. love the l'elephant! and i so hope you are feeling better missy :-)


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